I cannot say enough good things about physically creating expressions of your true self. Whether you entertain the idea of rituals, which can be as simple as closing your eyes and visualizing a problem in your life and feeling all the feelings of that problem and where they exist in your body and then metaphorically taking them out of your body and placing them on a table across from God and asking him to handle the problem and then knowing in the instant you have asked for His help it is done, and feeling grateful, or any kind of ritual that suits you.

Something so very powerful too, is the vision board – a collection of items that inspire you to live in laughter and freedom, so that every time you see it (and hopefully you’ve placed it somewhere that you see daily) it lifts you up. The Everyday Display is a beautiful partner in such a board. Since it is magnetic, it allows you the freedom to quickly put things on to it, and change them as often as you’d like. Who wouldn’t feel welcome in a home when the first thing they saw was a display that cherished the home owner’s life and dreams? Who wouldn’t feel a little lighter in their chair at work, with a display of loved ones and memories shared looking over them all day long? What team/organization wouldn’t benefit from having a central display that celebrates their accomplishments? It is increasingly important to celebrate all that we are and all that we share as humans, in a world where there is more to do then we will ever have time to do, and more to learn then we will have time in one lifetime to learn, why not set an anchor in the storm for yourself by decorating a display board and reminding yourself of who you are, what you cherish, and what you dream.

It doesn’t have to be this display, but it does make it super quick and easy and classy. But I’ve also used “post-it” sticky boards, regular picture frames that were on sale, and even a dollar store lined notebook to stick things in to and pull out and flip through the pages on ‘rainy days’. But presently I am working on a “Gratitude/Quantum Questions” scrapbook.

I highly recommend you open the creative gates and express your life, your story in your way today. Liberation is yours for the asking!

If you’d like more ideas, please feel free to contact me. I would be honoured to help you on your journey…


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