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Perspectives on Power – 73 – The Power of Action

You know the saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”?  And how many times do you hear “I’m so busy” come out of someone’s mouth when you make a request or ask for a favour?  It’s like the North American status symbol these days to be able to prove how busy you are by listing off all the things you are doing.

Let’s face it though.

A hamster on his wheel is pretty darned busy too.

And most of us are a lot more like the hamster than we may be willing to admit to ourselves right now.

When you see Brian Greco’s Axis of Productivity below, where would you say you spend most of your Brian Greco - Axis of Productivityday?   Where would you say you want to be spending most of your day?
I heard Darren Hardy speak recently and the following story really hit home to me like a slap in the face.  When he was a young, go-getter, full of ambition real-estate agent, he sat down to figure out what his top 3 money making activities to bring in the most return on effort.


productivity quadrant

So he bought a big hang-around-your-neck stop watch and meticulously tracked every minute of his day with how he truly spent his time in his real-estate business.  I think on his first day he was in shock when he tallied up his activities and times and was hit by the realization that he had spent less than 17 minutes of his day doing the top 3 activities that he knew brought in business.  If I recall correctly it took him weeks (if not longer) and a lot of discipline to get close to 4 hours in one day of time spent where he actually wanted it to be spent.

I have recently been having conversations with some very successful entrepreneurs and starting to realize that if I timed myself throughout the day, I’d be lucky if I too made it to 17 minutes.  And that is IF I spent some time to focus on what my top 3 activities are towards which precise goal I am measuring myself against.  Because like it or not, we are all measuring ourselves to some extent or another.  So better to be honest with myself and call it like it is, rather than stuff down the emotions of wanting to do and have more than I currently am doing and having.  I know it is possible.  I know it is inevitable.  I am now realistically writing out what the steps are between here and there and consistently taken action.  And I have found a group of people who will hold me accountable, because let’s face it, I accept my own excuses all the time for not doing things, and most of the people who know and love me also accept my excuses.  So finding people who know and love you and will hold you accountable to keeping your word, and also mentor you on what the steps are to help you keep your word is VERY POWERFUL.

So how can you be in action today that will have you BEing an empowered creator?





Aha moments, Something new to try

Perspectives on Power – 74 – The Power of Strength

So I ran a 5KM last weekend with my niece and it went really well except I did get a really huge blister on my instep during the race and it is still healing.  Despite that, I went for my first ever aerial silks training class yesterday.  I’d like to say I have Cirque du Soleil potential, but the fact is, I have a long road to go to get there!  Lucky for me that is not my dream!  My dream is to be in the best shape of my adult life and this year has been full of that kinda stuff!

So I’m used to doing mountain climbers and planks of all kinds and loads of other ab exercises in the hot yoga classes and this 30*30 total transformation home exercise routine I started.  Who knew that doing those things part-time and sitting at a chair in front of a computer full time would mean that pulling oneself up into the silks like a chin up and then raising ones knees to their chest would require a whole new level of strength?!!!


Watching the instructor perform the above move at the very beginning of class, well, she made it look really easy!  Then a few people who had been taking aerial silk classes for a while also made it look really easy.  And none of these people were particularly ‘cut’ or ‘ripped’.  To me they looked like your average fit person. But when I attempted to do even a tiny fraction of what they were capable of doing on the silks I was humbled.  Lucky for me I find this inspiring.  I love knowing that next week when I go back I will have built up even more strength and I will see vast improvement over the 6 weeks.  I love knowing that building even more strength than what I already have will help me to feel powerful and strong, physically and emotionally and mentally.  I love that I won’t look like I’m in the WWA just by building some strength.  I love that I will be more ready than ever before for tank top season!  I love that I will be able to play and have fun in the aerial silks and eventually do more tricks and perhaps a bit of a routine.  I love that I can be humbled and inspired all in one night!

What kind of physical strength do you have?  Have you attempted an activity lately where you noticed what level you were at?  Does the power of physical strength serve you well right now?  Are there ways in which building your strength could serve you even more?

Whatever it is you do to take care of your body, may the power of strength be with you!



p.s. If you’ve ever trained on aerial silks, I’d love to hear some great at-home exercises/frequency to help me build up my silk muscles!  I know push-ups and tricep dips and planks are staples.  Can they be done daily?

Aha moments, Something new to try

Perspectives on Power – 75 – Power of Animals

I remember writing about my cats as companions and the power pets bring to our lives.  Today I was pleasantly reminded of the power of ‘wild’ animals as well, when I discovered a bunny rabbit in my backyard – he’s a few days early if Easter is his game!

Nature is constantly evolving and weaving a magical tale of synergy and love all around us.  We are blessed if we but only take a moment to interact.







There is great power in BEing with animals – tamed or untamed, live, or through a window/glass/fence/television screen/earbuds.  But don’t take my word for it.  Test it out for yourself – like a science experiment.  Take an incident that happened in the last day or few days that really peeved you right off.  I mean you were snappin’ angry at someone for what they said/did.  Rate the power of that emotion on a scale of 1-10.  10 being you are no where near forgiveness and 1 being, eck no biggie it was what it was and now it’s done!

Ok, now either go outside and close your eyes and listen for the birds singing, or youtube cutest baby animals taking a bath, or baby mala the monkey, or if possible go for a walk in nature and observe all the living creatures around you!  Now think about that incident and give the emotion a rating of 1-10 while fully taking in the sounds/sights of any animal.

Report back here – did you feel any difference?  How long did you spend with the animals?


Pamela 🙂

Aha moments, Something new to try

Perspectives on Power – 78 – The power of ideas

I love ideas!  I love knowing that people want to come into conversation with me because they know they will walk away with a tonne of ideas!  I love sharing ideas, I love receiving ideas.  I love the momentum that idea generation resides in, and I love the energy and enthusiasm that builds with seeing those ideas through to implementation!  It may be years in the making, it may only be a matter of hours from idea to completion, whatever it is, if the idea came to you, and you know in your gut that it is your gift to give to the world, whatever you do, hold on to that idea. Water it. And one day you will see it in full bloom.


Often I meet people who wonder what their purpose is in life, and I always ask them if they ever had any crazy ideas growing up.  And most of the time they did have some dream that age helped them find reasons to not pursue (usually related to time, money, and whether or not others would approve/like/use it). I include myself in this group of people believe it or not.

Except now I am changing that perception of me.

Now I am declaring myself the birth-mother of ideas, and I am nurturing them into implementation, and I am connected to the power of those ideas as a gift to me and through me.  I feel a sense of duty, obligation, joy, sharing, and connection to bring these ideas to life and out into the world.  I have a clear vision of how others will be bathed in beautiful vibrations in the sharing of their gifts as well.

Sometimes, all we need is a nudge.

Sometimes, we need a stick.

Sometimes, we need a negative consequence as our reason why not to listen to all our reasons why not.  (How many famous authors started writing to feed their family?!)

Sometimes, we need a positive outcome as our reason why not to listen to all our reasons why not to pursue our idea. (If one person is inspired by what I am writing today, then it is ‘worth it’ to write, because that one person is a light warrior in this world spreading love and peace to many many others.  I know the ripple effect is always at work.)

Sometimes, we need an accountability partner.  A coach, a mentor, a friend. Someone who sees our greatness and will not let us give up or give excuses or reasons for why we did not pursue our ideas.

What ideas have you had in the past that you did pursue?  How did you feel in the pursuing of them?

What ideas are still lurking?  Do you see the power those ideas have in your life still?  Do you see any power in bringing them forward now and pursuing them?

I benefit greatly from some amazing accountability partners in my life and I am humbled to serve as an accountability partner for others as well.  May you find what you are seeking in your journey as well.




Something new to try

Perspectives on Power – 82 – The power of consciously cleansing


There are many different rituals throughout all cultures surrounding the energetic cleansing of a space.

I am aware of only a few myself, but I can say this for me personally there is great power in pushing my body to (or beyond) physical limits of exhaustion (aka 90 minutes hot yoga, running a 5km in under 30 minutes, daily squats and mountain climbers).

There is also great power in a cleansing nap or long deep sleep. Heck, there is even an energetic cleansing that happens in the literal cleansing actions such as taking a shower or washing my hands even. I guess everything that is  intentional could have cleansing power brought forth by choice and point of focus.

It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere right now and a perfect time to think about cleansing our homes, our vehicles, our calendars,  our committments, our lives really. Ask yourself what is really important to you and then make space for it by cleansing out things that are no longer nourishing and energizing. You deserve to be surrounded by people and things that support you and mirror your awesomeness. Do not settle for anything less. Be impeccable in your spring cleanse. Leave no corner untouched.

I look forward to sharing a carefree, creative, adventure filled summer of the senses with you now that we have harnessed the power of cleansing.