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Perspectives on Power – 73 – The Power of Action

You know the saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”?  And how many times do you hear “I’m so busy” come out of someone’s mouth when you make a request or ask for a favour?  It’s like the North American status symbol these days to be able to prove how busy you are by listing off all the things you are doing.

Let’s face it though.

A hamster on his wheel is pretty darned busy too.

And most of us are a lot more like the hamster than we may be willing to admit to ourselves right now.

When you see Brian Greco’s Axis of Productivity below, where would you say you spend most of your Brian Greco - Axis of Productivityday?   Where would you say you want to be spending most of your day?
I heard Darren Hardy speak recently and the following story really hit home to me like a slap in the face.  When he was a young, go-getter, full of ambition real-estate agent, he sat down to figure out what his top 3 money making activities to bring in the most return on effort.


productivity quadrant

So he bought a big hang-around-your-neck stop watch and meticulously tracked every minute of his day with how he truly spent his time in his real-estate business.  I think on his first day he was in shock when he tallied up his activities and times and was hit by the realization that he had spent less than 17 minutes of his day doing the top 3 activities that he knew brought in business.  If I recall correctly it took him weeks (if not longer) and a lot of discipline to get close to 4 hours in one day of time spent where he actually wanted it to be spent.

I have recently been having conversations with some very successful entrepreneurs and starting to realize that if I timed myself throughout the day, I’d be lucky if I too made it to 17 minutes.  And that is IF I spent some time to focus on what my top 3 activities are towards which precise goal I am measuring myself against.  Because like it or not, we are all measuring ourselves to some extent or another.  So better to be honest with myself and call it like it is, rather than stuff down the emotions of wanting to do and have more than I currently am doing and having.  I know it is possible.  I know it is inevitable.  I am now realistically writing out what the steps are between here and there and consistently taken action.  And I have found a group of people who will hold me accountable, because let’s face it, I accept my own excuses all the time for not doing things, and most of the people who know and love me also accept my excuses.  So finding people who know and love you and will hold you accountable to keeping your word, and also mentor you on what the steps are to help you keep your word is VERY POWERFUL.

So how can you be in action today that will have you BEing an empowered creator?





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Perspectives on Power – 77 – The power of family

For me the mere mention of family elicits strong emotions and a sense of groundedness and eternal support and love. I grew up on the family farm, surrounded by siblings and cousins and even the surrounding communities where we played cards, went to church, went to school, and got groceries from felt like an extended family.

I am home to the family farm this weekend. Back on Fairview road watching spring work her magic. Throwing a baseball with my nephew. Sharing a meal with Mom and Dad (seriously no one’s apple crisp will ever taste like my Mother’s!!) & getting ready to run a 5K race tomorrow with my niece to support the local hospital!

The power of family is incredibly fierce. Wars have been waged and great feats of human accomplishment achieved all in the name of family.

Consider connecting with your family (either a chosen tribe or the one you were born into or both!) In a powerful way today. Consider opening yourself to share and receive all the gifts that are present and honour one another for who they are as human BEings. Our very presence is such a gift to give, as is the presence of family a true gift to receive.

Blessings to you and your beloved families,

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Perspectives on Power – 80 – The Power of Music!

Wow, I cannot believe this is day 20 already and I have not written about the power of music yet!  Even more incredible, is that I have listened to very little music today myself, and yet I was so inspired to share this topic in my perspectives on power, because I saw a video promoting down syndrome awareness and fundraising using Pharrell William’s “Happy” song.  This song obviously gets a lot of people clapping along and smiling!  I also love Avicci’s Levels for an instant pick-me-up!

Sometimes I find myself humming a lullabye that my mother used to sing to me as a baby.

Sometimes I find that breaking out into Gangnam Style dancing and singing lightens the mood of any room.

Sometimes I find myself singing camp songs that bring back fond memories of childhood.

Sometimes I find myself digging out house/trance classics from my university days and dancing up a storm in my living room or car.

And there’s no denying when I hear Phil Collins it reminds me of his biggest fan ever that I knew in university.  And when I hear Sarah McLachlan or Alanis Morrissette I am instantly reminded of some of the profoundly sad moments in my life.

Last summer I was transported to a different realm when I discovered the Balkan Beat Box group at a local outdoor music festival.  While I enjoy listening to their music now, it is because of the memories it elicits.  A warm summer night, sharing great times with great people, watching these

musicmusicians sharing their true passion, dancing and loving life!  🙂  In fact, I was almost ready to fly to Europe 10 days later to see them again at another music festival that is how touched, moved and inspired I was that night!


Music is powerful.  It carries so much meaning and emotion.  Everyone is affected to some degree or another.  Memories are attached to music. Memories are created when music is present.  Music can change your entire day and add to the momentum of your life.

What gets you groovin’?  What tunes do you pull out when you need a good cry?  What is your favourite playlist to cook dinner to?  Or a cleaning the house playlist?  I’d love to receive any youtube playlists in the comments that you’d like to recommend.  Combining the power of sharing and the power of music = it’s gonna be a great power-filled weekend!

Spinning in a pirouette and dipping into a curtsy,

Pamela 🙂


Music 2 Soul

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Perspectives on Power – 94 – Go With It

Ever tried paddling against the current or waves? It is tough work isn’t it?

Ever paddled really hard and then coasted on the momentum you had built up for a bit?

Ever lay on a raft and not paddled at all but let yourself be a Pooh stick and mosey on downstream whenever the stream was gonna get you there?

3 different types of momentum. 3 different types of power being exerted and as an outcome/result. All 3 very valuable in life in various situations.

Today’s thought is to just go with it! If you don’t have to paddle against the stream don’t. Heck if you don’t have to paddle and you can just float today – go ahead and enjoy. Notice the energy you have, the energy life calls forth from you, and the power you have in managing that energy amd expending it when you choose.

Your choice.
Go with it!

Powerful high five,
Pamela 🙂


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Perspectives on Power -96- Silence

Silence is golden.
Silent treatment.
Silent meditation.
Silent prayer.
The calm after the storm.
Waking up to nature in the country.
What you hear when everyone is busy enjoying a great meal!

Sometimes the sweetest moments – the impactful, lasting memorable times of your life, did not involve words being spoken.

There is great power in silence. Go into it in love, peace, & joy and you will come out of it with those in abundance…