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Perspectives on Power – 76 – The power of positioning

I ran a 5KM race with my niece yesterday.  No training.  Haven’t run since last September. I survived, but I certainly didn’t thrive.  I was super grateful for my niece’s patience and loyalty to run with me the whole time despite the fact she was capable of running much faster and finishing much earlier!

While running and I are not the best of friends, I have learned so much from my short foray into the sport (I took a clinic for the first time a year ago and learned how to run properly as an adult and then ran four 5KM races last year).  Yesterday I was reminded of one of the most profound lessons I have learned about myself.

Before the lesson, you gotta hear the hilarious way in which it was learned!

So I was signed up to run in the September 2013 Army Run.  By myself. I was super excited for the dog tags that were the ‘medals’.  How cool is that?!  I was LATE getting to the race.  Like pushing my way through the crowd at the starting gate and hopping the fence to be in with the runners near the starting line with less than 90 seconds until the gun went off kinda late.  And I am not an experienced runner, so I just assumed I needed to get in that starting pen with the 5,000 other 5KM runners before the gun went off.

Boston Marathon



What dawned on my as soon as my feet hit the ground and just before the gun went off was – Oh $hit, these people are at the front and looking mighty fit!  They are going to run this in 20 minutes.  I’m more at the 35 minute pace for a 5KM!  I tried to push my way back to avoid getting trampled but I got met with angry stares and since we were all crammed in like sardines anyways, it was futile.  With less than 30 seconds to go, I had little choice at this point!

The gun goes off!  The race begins.  The first 500 metres is pure uphill.  I’m running with the leaders and thinking, wow, this is not so bad!  Maybe I will keep up for a while and set a new personal best?!  About a kilometre into it I’ve been passed by quite a few, but I’m also keeping pace with quite a few fast people and definitely running at a personal best.

That is when it dawns on me!

I was afraid to get trampled and look bad, so I found it within me to pick up my pace and at least keep up respectably so.

I was also inspired not by people competing or challenging me (I have a strong negative reaction to people insinuating that I am doing something ‘wrong’ and if I just did it their way, I would somehow be ‘right’.) but rather I was thoroughly inspired to action by being in the company of people who had set a higher standard for themselves than I had previously thought possible for myself.  

I ran almost 3km at a personal best and then *insert excuse here* I started to slow way down back to my pace from before.  But somehow I don’t think that race was about setting a personal best.  I don’t think it was even about running.  I will never ever forget that lesson.  What a profound moment to realize what will fuel my own motivation to grow, play, expand and evolve.

I won’t thrive in an environment of challenges, or judgments, or comparisons.  No, when I am trying out something new, or playing in fields that I know relatively little about, I am going to be at my best when I position myself in the company of people who have set high standards for themselves.  People who’s idea of normal pace is leaps and bounds above what I thought was possible!


The power of positioning!  How are you motivated?  What inspires you into action?  How can you use the answers to those two questions to see some results in an area of life that is important to you?  Around whom, around what, and/or where can you position yourself?




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100 Perspectives on Power

In honour of spring in the year of the horse, I am super excited to blog for 100 days straight on various perspectives on power.  Since “Empowerment” is a central theme in my life, I am excited to delve deep into what power is, what it isn’t, and what it means to be empowered.  And I call it perspectives, because that is all it is – a glimpse on any given day, at any given moment in time, through one person’s eyes (mine own), filtered through their own experiences (in this case mine!) and beliefs that shape how they see and perceive the world (which are constantly evolving in and of themselves – at least for me).

There are many reasons why I am so excited to take this journey and share it with you here.  One of the main ones is that I have been studying Abraham-Hicks material for a long time now, but quite seriously for the last year and a bit, and one of the key phrases they share is “Get in the Vortex and then take inspired action…”.  After a while in the world now, I can safely say that I’ve seen negative motivation towards action, positive motivation towards action, and plain old natural instinct towards action in my own behaviours and in the actions of others.  Through this 100 Perspectives on Power, I intend to write from a place of inspired instinct.

What I am most excited about is combining my learning to date in a way that:

a) allows me to maintain integrity and post every single day for 100 days no matter what

b) provides me with the opportunity to ‘get in the vortex’ and then

(uh oh, no more excuses of well I know I’m not in my happy place, so I guess there is no point in doing X…)

c) BE the person I declare myself to be – an author, a blogger, a transformational speaker and event planner, and a general stand-up gal empowering others to fire up their dreams and live with passion

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.  Your presence here in this moment means more to me then you may ever know.  May you feel the love and light I am sending your way right now.


Pamela 🙂