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It really is the small stuff…

Cuban Pottery
Cuban Pottery

I love pottery.  I have been taking lessons and potting myself for over 3 years now, and I have always had an affinity for all things clay whenever I am garage-saling or at an arts-and-crafts fair.  When I was at an indoor flea market in Havana, Cuba in January 2012 with my Mother, I was over-joyed to find a potter’s booth.  At first I was so torn wondering what might make it back in my suitcase in one piece.  Luckily these stunning plates are thick and durable.  I especially love their strong feminine energy.  They have been sitting at the back of a shelf in my living room for almost a year now and every time I look at them I feel a pang of guilt for not having hung them up properly yet.  Just last week I bought krazy glue for the first time, knowing it would come in handy for this project and several others I am sure!  I also bought teeth hooks that same night.  I was on a roll!  Then it took me another week to actually sit down and do it, but I did – and these pictures are proof!  They are now hanging in my bedroom and I look forward to seeing these two beauties when I wake up each morning.

I am celebrating the fact that I hung them up tonight! I am so proud of myself for following through on this one simple project that has caused me endless thoughts of guilt and grief.  I cannot even begin to tell you the real sense of accomplishment that came flooding through my body as I looked at them, and then I just knew I had to share a picture  and the story on the blog here, because I am learning how important sharing is.  How vital it is.  That we all need to know one another’s struggles and celebrate one another’s accomplishments in a way that helps us grow together.  It is not simply about me expanding my beliefs and my comfort zone in secret.  It is about me being vulnerable and learning and sharing that with anyone who has a hunger to know it, to learn from it, and to make it their own and celebrate their lives too!

We are in this together! Is there something you have put off for a long time and have recently (or are just about to resolve to) finish off?! HOORAY!!! Please do share in the comments section below so we can keep growing together!

Dream Big,

Pamela 🙂

Cuban Pottery
Cuban Pottery
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Acknowledge the gifts in others…

Today’s post is inspired by Jim who posts the most beautiful challenges to living a loving life on facebook – his suggestion today is:

“Good morning friends!! Today if you so choose♥ acknowledge 3 people for their gifts and what great things you see in them today. Start with today I want to acknowledge you for your ability or gift to….. Seal it with an unusually great hug that communicates I am with you and for you friend. Love you all ♥♥”

Just in case you would like to send some virtual appreciation and acknowledgement to people I created this quick little e-card for you to use, or maybe to inspire you to create your own.

Blessings of light and love to you all,



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Conscious Creation

Wow – so I had the inspiration yesterday to do a video message/blog for the first time and of course a bunch of fears popped up in the form of excuses as to why that wasn’t a good idea, and even though it took me 24 hours to actually do it, I even hesitated about posting it once it was done!  How silly are we sometimes?!  We all have to start somewhere and while the lighting isn’t great and I read a lot of my message, the message itself still stands and I hope you find some inspiration, motivation or EMPOWERMENT to consciously create today as well.

Consciously creating our life, one day at a time:

I mentioned David Myles – Simple Pleasures – here’s a link in case you are interested in listening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LDt4vAJ3Rg


I would be so honoured if you would let me know what ideas you came up with and how your creations turned out!  We are all on this journey together and I share because I also need to learn, and I value hearing from others’ experience as well.