Empowerment is Everything

Imagine even better than the best you can already imagine….if not you, then who?


Dream Building

You have an idea, an inkling of something you would like to create in your life.  You have shared your idea with others, perhaps for years now, but haven’t seen much success or experienced momentum towards achieving that vision.  I would love to share my gifts by playing with you in that vision and together we can create a personalized audio super-charged with all the juiciness of what you want to create. Playing this 2 minute audio frequently throughout your day will take you right back to that amazing feeling of dreams come true until one day you wake up and realize, you are living it!  For it is not in the having that we find our sweet spot, it truly is in the ‘being’ it.  Contact Pamela for more details!


Having lived in Afghanistan, Thailand and mostly in Ontario Canada working for governments, well-known international bureaucracies, small business, large business, arts and culture, restaurants, and recreational industries, Pamela has a wide perspective on life and a playful heart in the present moment.  If you are a CEO wanting to take your company to a whole new level, or a young twenty-something wondering what to do next, Pamela’s intuitive coaching ability can help you see things with a fresh perspective and allow you to fully express yourself and powerfully choose your direction and be in alignment with who you are at your core truth.

With over two decades of both facilitating and participating in personal and spiritual development courses, tele-seminars, workshops, retreats, books and communities of practice, Pamela is uniquely qualified to assist you in obtaining any goal, dream or way of life that you are ready to claim.  Contact Pamela for an exploratory chat!

All services are in accordance with the Certified Coaches Federation Code of Ethics


Event Planner (Team-Building, Retreats)

Has the downturn got your office feeling like everyone is wearing cement shoes?  Do you know you could use a boost in the way people relate to themselves, one another, and the organization? Have the weeks have turned into months since you last got your team together to go over anything but the bottom line?  Studies have shown that it is just as much about liking who you work with as it is about liking what work you do.  The rewards of developing connection in work teams are exponential. Contact me for more details.


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