Empowerment is Everything

Imagine even better than the best you can already imagine….if not you, then who?

Power Up! Program

I remember playing Super Mario on the Ninetendo when I was little and being SO excited when I found a mushroom to eat so that Super Mario could Power Up and grow bigger with more abilities and skills to use in the game! 

In that spirit, I’ve culled through some of the most powerful tools in my toolbox to create a 5 week experience named in honour of that sweet memory – the Power Up! Program. 6 participants, 5 weekly 1 hour video classes, partnering and solo home-play in between classes (approximately an hour a week), and unlimited growth, support and connection in our private facebook group.

This program will leave you feeling more powered up with new skills and abilities to use in your game of life!

This Power Up! Program is for you if you:

  • enjoy the idea of ease and play

  • have an area of life where you know having more power would serve you well

  • are ready to dive in and share authentically and openly with a small group of (new) friends

We start on February 20th, 2017 @ 8:30pm EST.  As a special treat, I am also offering Power Up! Program peeps a one hour private coaching session with me, whereby we will create a personal energetic signature for any area in your life where you’d like that special flower power kinda feeling!  These recordings are invaluable to come back to time and again to re-live the feeling of  power, joy, freedom and love any time you want!

Here’s what past participants had to say about their Power Up! experience:

“My biggest takeaway from the Power Up! Program was that simply by changing my attitude towards life and my place in the world, I was able to increase my happiness and satisfaction. I realized I don’t have to rely on others or wait for things to get better to feel better – I have the power to invoke that kind of positive change through my actions and interactions with others.”

And about having their own personal energetic signature recording:

“Game Changer. The audios you sent me were magical! Your skill with words is amazing! Your art is with words, you created deeply touching audios I’ve been listening to over and over!”

Let’s book a time to chat and discover more of what you could get out of becoming a Power Up! Peep.  Click on this link to book a time.

Playfully and powerfully creating, with love, light and a whole lotta magic,