Just for today

Just for Today by Pamela French

Just for today I vow to forgive all those who have knowingly and unknowingly hurt me in the past.

Just for today I forgive myself for all those I have knowingly and unknowingly hurt in the past,

and ask the Universe for forgiveness as well.

In so doing I free my soul from all remembered pains I will have room to honour the Divine in all whom I meet as well as the Divine in me.

Just for today I will release all ideas, expectations of who I should be, what I should be doing, and what I would like to have in my life and observe what is without judgement, but rather a tender curiosity and a blanket of love and unconditional acceptance.

Just for today I will face fear with love and understanding and let it speak it’s message to me and then with intent experience the moment as I choose and not as fear would have if I let it drive.

Just for today I am enough, I have enough, I was enough and I will always be enough.

Just for today I will breathe in the world’s abundance with all my senses and ponder my role in the grander scheme as it applies right now to this beautiful present moment.

Just for today I will dream with abandon and feel the beauty of those dreams free from chains of doubt, fear or disbelief. These dreams will resonate with my being and soul’s calling so strongly that there shall be no doubt in my mind or body that they are real.

Just for today I will practice compassion and gratitude in as many moments as I possibly can with ease and with grace.

Any feeling other than that shall be an opportunity for me to observe and notice,

and then return to compassion and gratitude – for myself and all whom I come in to contact with both in physical reality and in my memories and the field.

Just for today the gap will be my closest ally and trusted friend. I will allow myself to shed all desire and longing in favour of listening to the stillness free from all influence and judgement.

Just for today I place a blessing on all whom I meet and effortlessly lighten the load of another soul by freeing them of their memories as well – even if only for one moment.

Just for today I will seek to use my talents in service to humankind. Spread my wings with love and pure intent and give freely of myself.

Just for today I vow to see familiar things with new eyes. To encounter habitual feelings, situations and memories and contemplate a fresh perspective that allows me to learn and let go effortlessly with ease and grace for the highest good of all.

Just for today I will drop all notions of actions I should do and instead listen to my inner child and let her laugh, run, play, cry, shout to her heart’s content!

Just for today I will consult my heart’s wisdom and honour it with devoted ritual. We will form a new bond of trust that allows us to talk freely with clarity unheard of in common hours.

Just for today I will sleep with the angels and wake up feeling one with the universe and all that is.

Just for today I will honour this vessel of magic that I travel in and listen to it’s desires for nourishment and movement and stillness no matter the request, for I know in my heart it’s true purpose and quest as a self healer is wiser than I can imagine and it will make all the right choices if I will but listen.

Just for today I will observe all things in the material world that rouse feelings other than peace, love or joy without meaning and therefore without power.

Just for today I will see myself through the eyes of God, and know that we are all One.

And so it is. And so it was. And so it always shall be.

Pamela French 2007