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Perspectives on Power – 79 – The power of reminders

For some reason the news of Jim Flaherty today really saddened me.  Here was a man who had not even been retired for 6 weeks.  Had not even had a summer to enjoy after a very long, cold, snowy winter in the National Capital Region.  Gone.

And then the audiobook I was listening to on the way home somehow managed to come to a point where it talked about the difference between people who love what they do for a living and the fate of those who live a life where earning $ working is a means to an and of some unknown uniqueness.

This too struck a chord…a powerful chord…

It seemed as though reminders were there everywhere encouraging me to keep on with the activities I do love (like writing here!) and to follow through on the ideas that really speak to me in a visceral sense.  I am thankful for reminders like this to help me live a life of goosebumps every day.  To be an advertisement for the motto “The better it gets the better it gets.  Good things are always coming my way! The Universe has my back!”

I am happy for Jim to have found peace, and I am sure the Universe has his back to.  I’m also happy to have found such a happy place inside myself that helps all my ‘work’ to be satisfying and inspiring (because I have the tools now to create myself as satisfied and inspired).

I am so very grateful and I wish this way of BEing for all who feel called… And I know that the creating for me has only just begun.  I have met so many fun and fantastic people living very creative and juicy lives in the last couple of years that I have begun dreaming even more for myself and my loved ones!  That is very powerful indeed.  Thank you for the reminders dear Universe.




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Perspectives on Power – 83 – Self Mastery

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering self is true power.”
Lao Tzu

Everytime we hear a complaint popping up in our head about something or someone – we can be rest assured that there is something within US that can be addressed to assist with us being back in our full power. As much as we may like to think “yeah but when I have this then…” or “if he said things like this then…” – those things are contingent upon someday or someone and someday is not the present moment and someone has their own free will to some degree or another to behave as they choose.

I see power in the present moment. I see powerful people claiming full responsibility for their actions and behaviours. I see power coming from people who are not easily swayed from their declared path or commitments. I see powerful people who are real about who they are in this world and real about who they are not as well. Knowing myself has been my greatest love story of all time. I do it not for the power or the mastery, although those things are enticing, nay, I find myself falling in love with the Divine, playing with Spirit, blossoming like Mother Nature, and BEing closer to the One in a state of peace that deepens with each new awareness and revelation.

If I were to modernize Lao’s quote in terms of my own experience:
“Mastery over others is a false and temporary sense of strength and power. Knowing of self is a strength and power beyond the need or desire for either.”


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Perspectives on Power – 86 – The Power of Grief

After a delightful kundalini yoga class and a nurturing gong meditation, I was in my usual state of peace, flow, and creativity as we entered into our closing song – The Long Time Sun.  Snatum Kaur’s version of this song is amazingly soothing.  As I check in to see who I will send my love and light to during this closing chant/song, I immediately think of my father.  I am overcome with a wave of tears as I realize that I love him so much I am also feeling tremendous grief and a lack of power.

My father is living with the effects of a brain going through dementia, and while his transformation has mostly served to strengthen my beliefs in the power of the mind, there are times, like today, where I am humbled by how powerless we are to assist those we love to be “better” in health. I suppose it would help if I stopped making his brain “wrong” for not functioning the way mine does.  Just because it creates uncomfortable situations when he sees things (hallucinations) that other people do not see, does not make what he sees right or wrong.  Still, in this moment, at the end of the gong meditation, singing Long Time Sun – I am feeling the all consuming power of powerlessness.

I suddenly have a whole new respect and appreciation for what clairvoyants and channelers must go through when discovering their gifts and learning to share them with the world. grief

What I love is that I am in a kundalini class.  There is a small group, and tonight my guides had me set up in the back corner of class (normally I sit up front and as close to the gong as possible!), so I just let the tears (and snot) flow while others sang and went through grief, sorrow, hopelessness, and despair.  I am not sharing this to elicit sympathy.  I merely want to acknowledge that there is great power in all emotions, and that from a place of deep love can also come deep pain.  I embrace them both.  But I also do what I know I can to return to deep love and rest inside that power and freedom and truth.

So today’s perspective is to recognize and honour the power of grief (or any emotion that you perhaps didn’t wake up thinking – boy oh boy I am so excited to experience X today!) and allow it to move you.  Allow it to consume your entire body.  Express it any way that feels natural.  Be vulnerable in sharing that expression with others as much as possible.  Power is not always something we wield, or control.  It is always something we experience and feel in our bodies however.  So just be present to what you are feeling when grief arises.  It is ok to be sad.  It is ok to feel helpless.  It is ok to love someone so much and not want to see them suffer.  You are not alone.  They are not alone.  We are all in this together.  Sharing.  Being.  Amazing Lovers.




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Perspectives on Power – 94 – Go With It

Ever tried paddling against the current or waves? It is tough work isn’t it?

Ever paddled really hard and then coasted on the momentum you had built up for a bit?

Ever lay on a raft and not paddled at all but let yourself be a Pooh stick and mosey on downstream whenever the stream was gonna get you there?

3 different types of momentum. 3 different types of power being exerted and as an outcome/result. All 3 very valuable in life in various situations.

Today’s thought is to just go with it! If you don’t have to paddle against the stream don’t. Heck if you don’t have to paddle and you can just float today – go ahead and enjoy. Notice the energy you have, the energy life calls forth from you, and the power you have in managing that energy amd expending it when you choose.

Your choice.
Go with it!

Powerful high five,
Pamela 🙂


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Perspectives on Power – 95 – The Power of Tending to our Hearts

Tend to your heart

I love living by this idea as much as possible!  It’s not a call to be selfish, so much as it is to see it from the perspective that if one tends to their own wellbeing – spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally – then they are in a position to be present for others.  And the gift of showing up as the best version of yourself is AWESOME!

I’m not suggesting that we all need to hurry up and be perfect.  How can we be anything other than what we already naturally are?  🙂  What I am suggesting is that the next time you’re about to head in to a conversation on the telephone with someone and you’ve just read a nasty email that put you in a bad mood, or you’re over-tired because you were up all night with a sick child, or you are sad thinking about a friend in a rough situation that you feel helpless to shine the light on it for her, TEND TO YOUR OWN VITAL HEART by acknowledging where you’re at and perhaps even rescheduling a time to continue the conversation later, because right now what you really need is space to clear and be complete with this upset you’re experiencing.  Now is not the time for a stiff upper lip.  Now is not the time to pretend that your upset won’t affect how you’re going to handle the phone call you’re about to take.  Now is not the time stuff those feelings down.  Now is the time to pull out your toolbox and choose your ‘personal energy management’ system of proven techniques that help you move through things.

What toolbox?!  That’s the one you have been adding to for years and years now!  Maybe it’s putting on the headphones and heading to a quiet room and dancing to “Happy” or “Gangnam Style” or whatever gets your hips shaking and your arms flailing!  Maybe it’s looking at your homescreen wallpaper on any electronic device of an island oasis, or your children, or your spouse, or your pets – whatever puts you in the memory of your love and peace and joy and freedom of BEing there.  Maybe you grab a pen and paper and a favourite tea and time yourself – write out all the things that you love about life for 7 minutes straight.  Or think about a person in your life that you are particularly grateful for in this moment – alive or dead – think about who they were as a person to you and how they handled situations and what you most admire about them.  Maybe for you it’s putting a paint brush onto a blank canvas, or tickling the ivories and composing a new piece, or getting your hands dirty in a pot of soil.  It doesn’t matter what it is – what matters is that you know what shifts you, and if you truly feel you don’t know, then go play around and try all sorts of things until you do know that you know, beyond a doubt!  I believe we all know, and any excuse to say we don’t really know, is just that voice inside our head talking that wants to keep us safe and comfy cozy where we are.  Eckart Tolle talks about that voice as the pain body.  Ever heard the saying “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t”?  Same voice.  The voice of fear.  False Evidence Appearing Real.

The more you tend to your own heart, the more you can show up in the world as your best self, for you, for others, for joy, for love, for peace, for harmony – for whatever it is you intend to create!

Happy tending!


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