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Imagine even better than the best you can already imagine….if not you, then who?

Grab a coffee!

If you’ve got time to spend on the web, then you will discover ALL SORTS of inspirational gifts! Below is a list of sites I have been visiting lately, and some e-mail newsletters I have signed up for to make sure I get a healthy daily dose of people inspiring others, as is my wish in life. What goes on inside is what manifests in your life, so make sure you are infusing yourself with information that moves you.

  • Notes from the Universe — I have barely even spent time on the website, except to sign up for the daily email – but it’s a special kind of daily email.  You fill in a bunch of stuff about yourself and your dreams (nothing personal or security risk) and these notes will inspire you with how close they touch your core on a daily basis!  I read mine first thing in the morning and it always sets a beautiful tone for the day!
  • I Believe God Wants You to Know (daily messages)— Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God, and his most recent – When Everything Changes, Change Everything) writes poignant daily emails from his heart.  Food for thought and a quick read…
  • Healing With The Masters – teleseminar series — I’ve been listening to these for the last few weeks now and I know they will be on my ipod and listened to again and again for the next few years.  There is so much unbelievable valuable content on these calls and truly something for everyone!  WOW!  Worth every single penny!  In fact, one of the best deals I have encountered…
  • Marc Romero Music — He was on HWTM, and it was such a powerful call for me personally that I have listened to it several times and I’m looking forward to listening to his CDs while meditating this spring.  I will keep you posted on this one.
  • www.coachingfromspirit.com — Ideas and inspiration for building any business you wish to experience success in. Spiritualpreneurs of the world unite!
  • www.mp3Motivators.com — Emails every few days with a free MP3 download on some motivational theme. If you have an ipod or MP3 player of some kind that you can listen to inspirational stuff while you work, before you sleep, during meditation, in the car while driving – any way that you can incorporate motivation that suits you!
  • www.changethis.com — Heavier reading for those days when you want to feel as though the world really is ours to shape and mold.
  • Agni —Deepak Chopra’s monthly newsletter comes jam packed with ideas on food, health, reading, music, and trainings. I really like David Simon’s monthly meditations (library is full of free downloads!)
  • www.pravsworld.com —beautiful quotes set on beautiful pictures that make AWESOME desktop wallpaper and provide much food for thought!
  • http://www.life-enthusiast.com/twilight/research_emoto.htm — Messages from Water -it will change your life forever and you will want to start infusing all your food and beverage intake with unconditional love and acceptance!
  • www.emofree.com — Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) carries some amazing success stories! Imagine freeing your physical body of anything that produces negative emotions by giving them a voice and integrating them into your energy field and using them for your own healing. Your body is an amazing self-healer.

2 thoughts on “Grab a coffee!

  1. Pamela,
    This is Joanne from Afest. Love your site. Your phrases ” eye food , ear food and grabbing a cup of coffee” fit the playful style you referenced in your Afest biography. Hope all is well in your life, filled with fun and new experiences.

    • Hello Joanne! Thank you for visiting – am honoured! 🙂 Life has been filled with fun and new experiences and a profound sense of ‘returning home’ since Afest. I think of you often and will connect via PM soon, as I hope to meld your vision board ideas with some of mine and give a free workshop at local women’s shelters with a fellow life coach this winter and wanted to get your permission and brainstorm ideas with you first. Hoping that life has bestowed many blessings upon you since our paths last crossed as well! Pamela 🙂

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