Empowerment is Everything

Imagine even better than the best you can already imagine….if not you, then who?

Music, meditation, and more….

So much amazing music has crossed my path recently, I thought I would share details here…please feel free to share what/who you’re listening to as well so that we can all grow our horizons…

Pandora – not available in Canada right now unless you “hide your IP”, however, this genome music project actually generates a ‘radio station’ based on one song, title, artist, genre that you type in….man alive – try typing in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and then taking a trip back to the 80’s!  It’s amazing for people like me who love and appreciate music, but don’t seem to have the memory for who played what where and when…..

Ingrid Michaelson – a haunting authentic voice….saw her in Maryland at the Merriweather! (WHAT A GREAT VENUE – definitely check it out if you’re in the area!)

Michael Buble – we saw him in concert this summer and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  A natural born entertainer for sure….

Verve Remixed – these are amazing cd’s to have on while preparing dinner or doing dishes or maybe even while enjoying a glass of red and watching the sun set….golden oldies with a modern day twist that leave you feeling groovy! (I just got 4 and it is SO GOOD!)

Healing Release – Soul songs, tonal healing, ho’oponopono workshops on CD, Jennifer McLean is certainly changing lives…..

Marc Romero – a natural genuine gift to play music that has been scientifically proven to contain vibrational energies that heal and help.  You don’t have to believe, heck, Marc himself didn’t even know at first!  He just played because he knew it was something he enjoyed and felt the calling…

Steve Roach — beautiful, haunting, mesmerizing, tranquility, like you are a fluffy cloud floating in the sky, weightless.  His music transports you to places outside of your physical body.

Snatam Kaur — wow.  We usually hear this in our kundalini yoga classes and I own two of her cd’s now.  “May the long time sun” is a favourite (especially as a lullaby for the wee ones) because we sing it at the end of every class.  I can’t help but smile deeply whenever I hear it now…

Echo – Devinder Kaur — Devinder is gifted, there is no doubt about it.  Hearing her play the gong in person is a real treat.  And I feel blessed when the stars align for me to be in the front of the room when she’s performing at a full moon gong meditation class.

Of course, there is also all the amazing podcasts on iTunes….will save that for another day….




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