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Running here I come!

That’s right – the sport I was the worst at in elementary school and therefore something I have avoided most of my adult life (and yet somehow intuitively know that once I make friends with it, we may just become bffs) is about to happen!  Late in 2012 a friend of mine signed her and her daughter who loves running up for the Ottawa Race Weekend to run a 5km in under 30 minutes.   I decided this was a clear sign in my life to finally explore my own relationship with running and commit to my first ever 5km race as a runner!

My journey has been 6 weeks so far.  First, it took me a couple weeks after committing to my friend before I actually signed up!  Then I told friends and family about my ‘first 5k in May!’ so that I could be held accountable!  I even found some cool blogs to follow and I downloaded an app to my android!  A few friends who have been running for years have sent links to cool websites.  And then every excuse in the book!  I’m busy at work, I have a lot of projects on the go, my family comes first, I think I have a sore throat, it’s more important to get groceries right now, etc. etc. etc.

What amazes me is that once we set a goal of doing something new and scary in our lives that is when every available fear will bubble to the surface dressed up as a pretty darned good rational excuse of why not to do it.  So I am taking the advice of a dear friend who said ‘you should start a blog about your couch to 5km experience’.  And I am committing to being vulnerable in front of all of you by sharing my excuses and my breakthroughs, because I am already picturing the awesome blog post with the picture of me crossing the finish line on May 25th, 2013.  And just to show that I am putting some serious skin in the game, I am also signing up for the Spartan Sprint in June 2013 here in Ottawa with a couple of friends.  If you are going to make 2013 the best fitness year of your life, you might as well have fun, go hard, and play with others!

Are you a runner?  What do you like most about running?  Any tips or tricks for me to get on track and stay on track?  I don’t have a treadmill, am not a gym member (yet), and I haven’t bought a pair of running shoes in well over 6 years.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  I appreciate you!


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