Empowerment is Everything

Imagine even better than the best you can already imagine….if not you, then who?


It’s fun to share what your friends are up to, as we are all connected by six degrees or less!  Plus, the more we witness others living their true purpose, the more we are likely to live ours as well…

Tony Rendina – a music lover and teacher.  His videos on Youtube are super awesome!  If you get a chance to meet him in person, you are one lucky human being.

Ryan Harris, Prosperity Coach – a simple, down-to-earth approach to creating real and lasting wealth in your life.  His way of presenting law-of-attraction material is refreshingly clear.

Nadine Lee-Marklinger – a colleague who was leading a massive charity campaign this year and I volunteered to help out, so I met her for the first time.  This bright shining star exudes joy and living from her whole heart!  Her smile is contagious, her sense of play is captivating and I challenge you to not feel more inspired after spending 5 minutes in her presence!

The Habit – a band of friends that pursue professional careers in other areas, but still find time to unleash their creativity and playful spirits.  Have a listen, smiling is contagious!

Brainwaves – Science camps for kids currently in the National Capital Region – science can be awesome fun and these people certainly know how to make it so.  A powerful gift to give to the children in your life is to foster curiosity…

Dynamic Edge – Are you a sports person? Professional, amateur, or just for fun – if you’re interested in learning how to truly give your game a lift, call Karen (a truly inspirational woman!) and let her know Pamela sent you. 🙂

Creative Memories – My sister Cindy and my sister Mary Ellen are consultants in the world of scrapbooking, but more than that, they share a passion for connecting with people and their stories and helping them share with others.

The HungerSite – and about 6 other sites you can set as your homepage and click on daily and food, books, mammograms, you name it – if the world needs it, then the sponsors of the site donate it on your behalf, just for clicking. It’s a great feeling – and hey, you may even see a sponsor you want to buy from!

The Amazing Race Montreal – whether or not you are new to Montreal, just visiting, or looking for some summer fun – you gotta check this out! (p.s. Tell Mark that Pamela sent you!)


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