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Get Moving!

Part of enjoying this journey called life is the discovery of new ways of moving our bodies! It is always empowering to ‘get moving’! Here are some of the ways I have discovered lately, and I am interested in what works for you too.

  • T-zone Vibration — this has been my latest endeavour in 2010 and I must admit I have never purchased an exercise machine in my life, but this one was worth it beyond imagination!  It builds muscle and increases circulation which helps reduce muscle soreness from working out and a host of other aches and potential pains.  Plus, knowing from my yoga experiences that sitting with your legs up the wall is very therapeutic, doing it while a machine is vibrating your lower back only serves to increase the benefits tenfold.  Such a short time committment and yet such powerful results.  Of course, if it’s not your thing it won’t do anything for you because you won’t use it, but if there’s a location near you, pop in on your next lunch hour and I dare you to tell me that it didn’t help your entire afternoon to be a little more alert and motivated instead of craving that 3pm nap like there’s no tomorrow!
  • Power Yoga in the Hot Room — I am currently taking classes at the Prana Shanti Yoga Studio, and no matter the teacher I always walk out of this class feeling calm, peaceful, and empowered with the strength of my own body as well as the strength of others who I shared the experience with. I have much love for yoga and what it has taught me.
  • One of the most powerful experiences over the last year has been in the Kundalini class, particularly the full moon gong meditation.  The power of the gong to heal and restore is vibrationally amazing.  Especially at the hands of an inspired woman like Devinder Kaur.
  • Infrared Sauna — having one in your house is not as out-of-reach as you may have thought and let me tell you, the benefits are plentiful!  Not only is sitting still for 20 minutes or more a powerful meditative practice for the mind, but the detox experience is fabulous for the body, inside and out.
  • Shanti Yoga — a restorative form of yoga, also very good for those of us who lead busy and demanding lives and revel in me-time that replenishes a healthy sense of the intricacies of how our bodies move.
  • Qi Gong — I have only learned bits and pieces of this powerful technique, but enough to recommend it to you!
  • Gardening & House Plants —There is nothing like getting together with nature!  The joy of growing your own fruits and vegetables cannot be measured.  Nothing like your own garden to go grocery shopping in and to truly appreciate all the earth has to offer us.  I’m also currently investigating the power of sprouts and making more foods with them.
  • Feng Shui — So you’re asking how this involves moving your body?! Well, if you make changes to your home, car, work based on Feng Shui principles, you will find that you move in the process and that energy moves freely around you as well. Would love to hear your success stories on this one.
  • Just doing it! — For years I have been the Queen of List Writing it feels like. Lists of things to do. And I thought that writing it all down helped to make sense of everything going on in my head. But then I realized that I never crossed off my list entirely and that de-motivated me. Sometimes the list was so long, I was not motivated to do any of it! Now I try to live by the 5 or 15 rule. Just do 5 things, or work on a specific project for 15 minutes. There is power in beginning something. And be patient with yourself if you don’t finish it. Just listen to your heart and start it! Read this site for 50 fabulous tips.
  • Ah the nordic spa experience!  There is one near where I live called Le Spa Nordik, but my ultimate goal is to create my own experience at home…nothing like a full body detox and cleansing.  I’m also interested in finding a sweat lodge to experience in the National Capital Region if you know of one…

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


One thought on “Get Moving!

  1. You know I have spent a lot of time in the last 5 years feeling like my metabolism is slowing down and suddenly my days of the easygoing dancing body are long gone….it seemed to happen overnight, but I know better….it takes a lot to get a body into shape and it takes a while for it to fall out of shape….while I’m not a fad-diet follower by any stretch of the imagination (mostly due to a lack of willpower, not a lack of desire!) I have been spending time and energy tuning in to wellness regimes that resonate with me and I recently heard this concept that really struck me deeply, so I had to share:

    Exercise shouldn’t be about shedding weight or getting fit. Like everything else in life, if you make a chore on your to-do list then it will come from a place of ‘lack’ (I need to exercise, bc I’m not fit, I’m too fat, etc. etc.) and not from a place of ‘love’. Exercise by doing things that are fun for you and inspire you and make you feel great. Take a boxing class to release anger and frustration. Take a zoomba class to dance like kid again and go all out. Join a dragon boat team this summer. It’s not about having the beach body, it’s about how it makes you feel to move and what moves you to feel that which you want to feel. I like that concept very much, don’t you? Wouldn’t you like to give up the struggle of hitting the gym and doing the right reps and moves to achieve whatever your ‘goal’ was and instead make your goal to feel more comfortable in your skin and more confident about life? Or maybe to just have fun, not matter what the outcome? 🙂

    Have fun moving today! And do it because it brings you joy, if for no other reason than to create some joy in your life today.


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