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Perspectives on Power – 79 – The power of reminders

For some reason the news of Jim Flaherty today really saddened me.  Here was a man who had not even been retired for 6 weeks.  Had not even had a summer to enjoy after a very long, cold, snowy winter in the National Capital Region.  Gone.

And then the audiobook I was listening to on the way home somehow managed to come to a point where it talked about the difference between people who love what they do for a living and the fate of those who live a life where earning $ working is a means to an and of some unknown uniqueness.

This too struck a chord…a powerful chord…

It seemed as though reminders were there everywhere encouraging me to keep on with the activities I do love (like writing here!) and to follow through on the ideas that really speak to me in a visceral sense.  I am thankful for reminders like this to help me live a life of goosebumps every day.  To be an advertisement for the motto “The better it gets the better it gets.  Good things are always coming my way! The Universe has my back!”

I am happy for Jim to have found peace, and I am sure the Universe has his back to.  I’m also happy to have found such a happy place inside myself that helps all my ‘work’ to be satisfying and inspiring (because I have the tools now to create myself as satisfied and inspired).

I am so very grateful and I wish this way of BEing for all who feel called… And I know that the creating for me has only just begun.  I have met so many fun and fantastic people living very creative and juicy lives in the last couple of years that I have begun dreaming even more for myself and my loved ones!  That is very powerful indeed.  Thank you for the reminders dear Universe.





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Perspectives on Power – 80 – The Power of Music!

Wow, I cannot believe this is day 20 already and I have not written about the power of music yet!  Even more incredible, is that I have listened to very little music today myself, and yet I was so inspired to share this topic in my perspectives on power, because I saw a video promoting down syndrome awareness and fundraising using Pharrell William’s “Happy” song.  This song obviously gets a lot of people clapping along and smiling!  I also love Avicci’s Levels for an instant pick-me-up!

Sometimes I find myself humming a lullabye that my mother used to sing to me as a baby.

Sometimes I find that breaking out into Gangnam Style dancing and singing lightens the mood of any room.

Sometimes I find myself singing camp songs that bring back fond memories of childhood.

Sometimes I find myself digging out house/trance classics from my university days and dancing up a storm in my living room or car.

And there’s no denying when I hear Phil Collins it reminds me of his biggest fan ever that I knew in university.  And when I hear Sarah McLachlan or Alanis Morrissette I am instantly reminded of some of the profoundly sad moments in my life.

Last summer I was transported to a different realm when I discovered the Balkan Beat Box group at a local outdoor music festival.  While I enjoy listening to their music now, it is because of the memories it elicits.  A warm summer night, sharing great times with great people, watching these

musicmusicians sharing their true passion, dancing and loving life!  🙂  In fact, I was almost ready to fly to Europe 10 days later to see them again at another music festival that is how touched, moved and inspired I was that night!


Music is powerful.  It carries so much meaning and emotion.  Everyone is affected to some degree or another.  Memories are attached to music. Memories are created when music is present.  Music can change your entire day and add to the momentum of your life.

What gets you groovin’?  What tunes do you pull out when you need a good cry?  What is your favourite playlist to cook dinner to?  Or a cleaning the house playlist?  I’d love to receive any youtube playlists in the comments that you’d like to recommend.  Combining the power of sharing and the power of music = it’s gonna be a great power-filled weekend!

Spinning in a pirouette and dipping into a curtsy,

Pamela 🙂


Music 2 Soul

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Perspectives on Power – 81 – The Power of Little Things

After seeing the viral video (which Thailand is getting really good at these days!) on what it means to be a Hero, and then having a day filled with everyday hero reminders myself, I am now consciously aware of how special the little things are in life.  Strung along in the memory chain of our brains, they really do add up to be the big things later on.

Little Things

I remember showering the other day and I was late for where I was supposed to be, and not really in the mood to go there anyways because I had a lot of other exciting creative projects I was in the mood to delve into, and as I was stepping out of the shower I saw my first ladybug of the season.

A huge smile erupted on my face and I had a lovely conversation with said ladybug!  I thanked her for showing me that spring is here!  I thanked her for being in my awareness on this very morning when I was obviously off track before breakfast, and now back into joyful presence thanks to her.  I cannot tell you what else happened that day, but days, maybe even a week later, I can tell you how elated I felt seeing a ladybug in my bathroom and what a special moment it was for me.  I even took a picture of her and shared it with a friend!

That is the beauty of little things.  You never know if it’s the smile you give, the nod of acknowledgement to a street person begging for money, the ride home you give someone, the words of encouragement, the coffee you buy, the charity you support, the bags you help carry, the door you hold open, the elevator door you hold for the person coming 5 seconds later, the tip you leave a waitress, the kickstarter campaign you support, and on and on and on.  We just never know how one smile can really be the ripple effect that changes a day, a week, a month, a life.

I’m declaring us all Heroes today!  We are all capable of being present, sharing our love and joy with others, and dancing to the magic of life.

There is great power in the little things.  Enjoy BEing the receiver and giver of them today and always.  If you want your gift to keep on giving, feel free to share in the comments here too.  I love hearing stories about the precious little moments that touched a person deeply.

With great love,


Let Love Rule


Perspectives on Power – 82 – The power of consciously cleansing


There are many different rituals throughout all cultures surrounding the energetic cleansing of a space.

I am aware of only a few myself, but I can say this for me personally there is great power in pushing my body to (or beyond) physical limits of exhaustion (aka 90 minutes hot yoga, running a 5km in under 30 minutes, daily squats and mountain climbers).

There is also great power in a cleansing nap or long deep sleep. Heck, there is even an energetic cleansing that happens in the literal cleansing actions such as taking a shower or washing my hands even. I guess everything that is  intentional could have cleansing power brought forth by choice and point of focus.

It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere right now and a perfect time to think about cleansing our homes, our vehicles, our calendars,  our committments, our lives really. Ask yourself what is really important to you and then make space for it by cleansing out things that are no longer nourishing and energizing. You deserve to be surrounded by people and things that support you and mirror your awesomeness. Do not settle for anything less. Be impeccable in your spring cleanse. Leave no corner untouched.

I look forward to sharing a carefree, creative, adventure filled summer of the senses with you now that we have harnessed the power of cleansing.


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Perspectives on Power – 83 – Self Mastery

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering self is true power.”
Lao Tzu

Everytime we hear a complaint popping up in our head about something or someone – we can be rest assured that there is something within US that can be addressed to assist with us being back in our full power. As much as we may like to think “yeah but when I have this then…” or “if he said things like this then…” – those things are contingent upon someday or someone and someday is not the present moment and someone has their own free will to some degree or another to behave as they choose.

I see power in the present moment. I see powerful people claiming full responsibility for their actions and behaviours. I see power coming from people who are not easily swayed from their declared path or commitments. I see powerful people who are real about who they are in this world and real about who they are not as well. Knowing myself has been my greatest love story of all time. I do it not for the power or the mastery, although those things are enticing, nay, I find myself falling in love with the Divine, playing with Spirit, blossoming like Mother Nature, and BEing closer to the One in a state of peace that deepens with each new awareness and revelation.

If I were to modernize Lao’s quote in terms of my own experience:
“Mastery over others is a false and temporary sense of strength and power. Knowing of self is a strength and power beyond the need or desire for either.”


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Perspectives on Power – 84 – Power of Sharing

I witnessed 90 people participate in a group training session today and wowee was the power of sharing ever present!!


We as humans really have very little clue how much of an impact our heartfelt authentic sharing can have on others.

In a world full of wexters (those who walk and text on their smartphones as the same time) making eye to eye contact is getting rarer these days, let alone opening your heart and getting vulnerable with a sense of urgency and importance.

I am overcome by the powerful presence of lives being transformed around me, through me, and from me today.  I am feeling very blessed that I have the honour and privilege to share and be heard. I commit to creating a space for others to share and be heard as well!


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Perspectives on Power – 85 – The Power in Trusting

Am on my first ever couchsurfing adventure! Someone wrote me in response to a general request I posted 2 days ago and generously offered me their entire apartment because they are staying with their partner somewhere else in the city. Wow! How awesome is it to just go with the flow and meet amazing people and just trust the Universe is always got my back, always on my side, things are always working out for me!

What areas of life would you like to open up by allowing deep trust to flow? How powerful would it be for you to allow things to be taken care of for you in your life? What would it feel like to be a trusting person? Who would you be BEing as a trusted and trusting person?

There is great power in trust – which also feels like the release of resistance and the release of fear to me. It also feels a little bit like going beyond my reasons for not doing something and doing it anyways! I love living an unreasonable life! Yes! There is great power in trust!