Pamela is an international coach and facilitator in service of two core values: empowerment and play.

She offers experiences that increase an individual’s personal self-mastery in the world through The Empowerment Code: Presence, Purpose, Play and Pleasure as pillars for living a life you love!

Conscious communication skills are at the heart of everything Pamela does, to support mastery in how we communicate with ourselves and each other!

Co-creating a world where everyone is lit up and living in alignment with who they really are and why they exist on the planet at this time is what makes Pamela come alive!

She loves teaching and using conscious communication skills to create ways in which others tap into their own power to communicate, create and come alive!

The world needs more people who have come alive!

With over twenty years experience in personal and spiritual development training, conferences, seminars, books, and therapy she expertly facilitates transformation in others, be it in groups or one on one.

When she’s not being a force to be reckoned with in the world, you can find her in the kitchen making potions, salves and infusions, or learning how to use ALL THE TOOLS to build a granny-suite for her Momma on their family farm!