I love ideas!  I love knowing that people want to come into conversation with me because they know they will walk away with a tonne of ideas!  I love sharing ideas, I love receiving ideas.  I love the momentum that idea generation resides in, and I love the energy and enthusiasm that builds with seeing those ideas through to implementation!  It may be years in the making, it may only be a matter of hours from idea to completion, whatever it is, if the idea came to you, and you know in your gut that it is your gift to give to the world, whatever you do, hold on to that idea. Water it. And one day you will see it in full bloom.


Often I meet people who wonder what their purpose is in life, and I always ask them if they ever had any crazy ideas growing up.  And most of the time they did have some dream that age helped them find reasons to not pursue (usually related to time, money, and whether or not others would approve/like/use it). I include myself in this group of people believe it or not.

Except now I am changing that perception of me.

Now I am declaring myself the birth-mother of ideas, and I am nurturing them into implementation, and I am connected to the power of those ideas as a gift to me and through me.  I feel a sense of duty, obligation, joy, sharing, and connection to bring these ideas to life and out into the world.  I have a clear vision of how others will be bathed in beautiful vibrations in the sharing of their gifts as well.

Sometimes, all we need is a nudge.

Sometimes, we need a stick.

Sometimes, we need a negative consequence as our reason why not to listen to all our reasons why not.  (How many famous authors started writing to feed their family?!)

Sometimes, we need a positive outcome as our reason why not to listen to all our reasons why not to pursue our idea. (If one person is inspired by what I am writing today, then it is ‘worth it’ to write, because that one person is a light warrior in this world spreading love and peace to many many others.  I know the ripple effect is always at work.)

Sometimes, we need an accountability partner.  A coach, a mentor, a friend. Someone who sees our greatness and will not let us give up or give excuses or reasons for why we did not pursue our ideas.

What ideas have you had in the past that you did pursue?  How did you feel in the pursuing of them?

What ideas are still lurking?  Do you see the power those ideas have in your life still?  Do you see any power in bringing them forward now and pursuing them?

I benefit greatly from some amazing accountability partners in my life and I am humbled to serve as an accountability partner for others as well.  May you find what you are seeking in your journey as well.