Wow, I cannot believe this is day 20 already and I have not written about the power of music yet!  Even more incredible, is that I have listened to very little music today myself, and yet I was so inspired to share this topic in my perspectives on power, because I saw a video promoting down syndrome awareness and fundraising using Pharrell William’s “Happy” song.  This song obviously gets a lot of people clapping along and smiling!  I also love Avicci’s Levels for an instant pick-me-up!

Sometimes I find myself humming a lullabye that my mother used to sing to me as a baby.

Sometimes I find that breaking out into Gangnam Style dancing and singing lightens the mood of any room.

Sometimes I find myself singing camp songs that bring back fond memories of childhood.

Sometimes I find myself digging out house/trance classics from my university days and dancing up a storm in my living room or car.

And there’s no denying when I hear Phil Collins it reminds me of his biggest fan ever that I knew in university.  And when I hear Sarah McLachlan or Alanis Morrissette I am instantly reminded of some of the profoundly sad moments in my life.

Last summer I was transported to a different realm when I discovered the Balkan Beat Box group at a local outdoor music festival.  While I enjoy listening to their music now, it is because of the memories it elicits.  A warm summer night, sharing great times with great people, watching these

musicmusicians sharing their true passion, dancing and loving life!  🙂  In fact, I was almost ready to fly to Europe 10 days later to see them again at another music festival that is how touched, moved and inspired I was that night!


Music is powerful.  It carries so much meaning and emotion.  Everyone is affected to some degree or another.  Memories are attached to music. Memories are created when music is present.  Music can change your entire day and add to the momentum of your life.

What gets you groovin’?  What tunes do you pull out when you need a good cry?  What is your favourite playlist to cook dinner to?  Or a cleaning the house playlist?  I’d love to receive any youtube playlists in the comments that you’d like to recommend.  Combining the power of sharing and the power of music = it’s gonna be a great power-filled weekend!

Spinning in a pirouette and dipping into a curtsy,

Pamela 🙂


Music 2 Soul