After seeing the viral video (which Thailand is getting really good at these days!) on what it means to be a Hero, and then having a day filled with everyday hero reminders myself, I am now consciously aware of how special the little things are in life.  Strung along in the memory chain of our brains, they really do add up to be the big things later on.

Little Things

I remember showering the other day and I was late for where I was supposed to be, and not really in the mood to go there anyways because I had a lot of other exciting creative projects I was in the mood to delve into, and as I was stepping out of the shower I saw my first ladybug of the season.

A huge smile erupted on my face and I had a lovely conversation with said ladybug!  I thanked her for showing me that spring is here!  I thanked her for being in my awareness on this very morning when I was obviously off track before breakfast, and now back into joyful presence thanks to her.  I cannot tell you what else happened that day, but days, maybe even a week later, I can tell you how elated I felt seeing a ladybug in my bathroom and what a special moment it was for me.  I even took a picture of her and shared it with a friend!

That is the beauty of little things.  You never know if it’s the smile you give, the nod of acknowledgement to a street person begging for money, the ride home you give someone, the words of encouragement, the coffee you buy, the charity you support, the bags you help carry, the door you hold open, the elevator door you hold for the person coming 5 seconds later, the tip you leave a waitress, the kickstarter campaign you support, and on and on and on.  We just never know how one smile can really be the ripple effect that changes a day, a week, a month, a life.

I’m declaring us all Heroes today!  We are all capable of being present, sharing our love and joy with others, and dancing to the magic of life.

There is great power in the little things.  Enjoy BEing the receiver and giver of them today and always.  If you want your gift to keep on giving, feel free to share in the comments here too.  I love hearing stories about the precious little moments that touched a person deeply.

With great love,


Let Love Rule