There are many different rituals throughout all cultures surrounding the energetic cleansing of a space.

I am aware of only a few myself, but I can say this for me personally there is great power in pushing my body to (or beyond) physical limits of exhaustion (aka 90 minutes hot yoga, running a 5km in under 30 minutes, daily squats and mountain climbers).

There is also great power in a cleansing nap or long deep sleep. Heck, there is even an energetic cleansing that happens in the literal cleansing actions such as taking a shower or washing my hands even. I guess everything that is  intentional could have cleansing power brought forth by choice and point of focus.

It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere right now and a perfect time to think about cleansing our homes, our vehicles, our calendars,  our committments, our lives really. Ask yourself what is really important to you and then make space for it by cleansing out things that are no longer nourishing and energizing. You deserve to be surrounded by people and things that support you and mirror your awesomeness. Do not settle for anything less. Be impeccable in your spring cleanse. Leave no corner untouched.

I look forward to sharing a carefree, creative, adventure filled summer of the senses with you now that we have harnessed the power of cleansing.