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“Mastering others is strength. Mastering self is true power.”
Lao Tzu

Everytime we hear a complaint popping up in our head about something or someone – we can be rest assured that there is something within US that can be addressed to assist with us being back in our full power. As much as we may like to think “yeah but when I have this then…” or “if he said things like this then…” – those things are contingent upon someday or someone and someday is not the present moment and someone has their own free will to some degree or another to behave as they choose.

I see power in the present moment. I see powerful people claiming full responsibility for their actions and behaviours. I see power coming from people who are not easily swayed from their declared path or commitments. I see powerful people who are real about who they are in this world and real about who they are not as well. Knowing myself has been my greatest love story of all time. I do it not for the power or the mastery, although those things are enticing, nay, I find myself falling in love with the Divine, playing with Spirit, blossoming like Mother Nature, and BEing closer to the One in a state of peace that deepens with each new awareness and revelation.

If I were to modernize Lao’s quote in terms of my own experience:
“Mastery over others is a false and temporary sense of strength and power. Knowing of self is a strength and power beyond the need or desire for either.”