Am on my first ever couchsurfing adventure! Someone wrote me in response to a general request I posted 2 days ago and generously offered me their entire apartment because they are staying with their partner somewhere else in the city. Wow! How awesome is it to just go with the flow and meet amazing people and just trust the Universe is always got my back, always on my side, things are always working out for me!

What areas of life would you like to open up by allowing deep trust to flow? How powerful would it be for you to allow things to be taken care of for you in your life? What would it feel like to be a trusting person? Who would you be BEing as a trusted and trusting person?

There is great power in trust – which also feels like the release of resistance and the release of fear to me. It also feels a little bit like going beyond my reasons for not doing something and doing it anyways! I love living an unreasonable life! Yes! There is great power in trust!