“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

I love this quote because it is the fuel that starts the fire in today’s perspective on power – the compounding effect of our actions and our way of being.  You see, sharing a bottle of wine with your loved one every night may only see you gain 14 lbs in 10 years, which may not seem like a big deal for the first 3-5 years, but by year 10 when you’re feeling sluggish and buying a different size than you used to, you sure notice the difference.  The same is true in the positive direction, which is why this quote is such a motivator.  If you start saving $1 a day now, you may wonder what the heck is $365 gonna get me in a year from now?  But really, it is the habit of saving, the compound effect of the vibrations you are sending out to the universe – I am a saver, I am growing my wealth, I am in action around abundance, I am abundance.  Whatever vibration you’d like to be giving.

My point is that our daily choices are adding up and we may not be aware of the consequences today because they are minimal in nature, but you can be damn sure that there are compounding effects.  If you are a smoker and you want to quit, but today you feel relatively fit and ok, go volunteer with someone who has smoked for 50 years and ask them what their daily life is like.  Or find someone who has achieved any level of mastery in the areas of life you are passionate about and ask them what their habits are – because those are the ingredients of their life that have  compounded them to where they are now.

Then take that list of habits, or ways of BEing and ask yourself “What am I ready to start doing to add to my daily account that I know will compound me to somewhere fantastically awesome?”  At the same time, feel free to ask yourself if there is one (or more) things you’d like to remove from you life too!  And remember, it’s all just a game, this life thing.  There is no right or wrong, win or lose – not really.  If all we ever really have is the present moment, then is the choice you are making in this moment one that makes you feel good or not?!

So when you’re picturing yourself as a world-class potter on your vision board since you were 12 years old and you find yourself now at 46 and it has been 25 years since you’ve set foot in a pottery studio then do yourself a favour – either sign up for a class and step foot back inside one, or find a new dream to chase and be ok with letting the potter one go for now.  Just for now.  You can pick it up again in 5 years time if you want.

Just know you are making your choices in the full awareness that it takes more than 10,000 hours to master a skill, so if you really find yourself with a burning desire to master something, use the power of the compounding effect in your life and find a way to bring it into your routine and feel powerful in the practicing of it, knowing that it is compounding for you indeed.

Compounding abundance and master in play be yours for the choosing,