There is great power in recognizing that you have thoughts and stories running through your mind all day. Something like 60,000 in a day. And the beauty is in discovering that YOU are the awareness that you are having thoughts. YOU are the audience to the storyteller in your head that debates about whether or not you should tell your co-worker that their fly is down or  if what that guy at the coffee shop just said to you warrants a smack down or not and how dare that woman not hold the door open for the old lady coming through….and on and on it goes all day long!

There is tremendous power in just becoming aware of these thoughts. For me I grew into such a positive, joy seeking being that when I reached new boundaries I was led to the gift of learning how to listen to what was already playing in my head. I had lots of practicing focus and directing my thoughts. Not so much in the being honest about how judgmental and critical my inner voice was (especially on myself go figure?!) even until this day. The great thing about discovering them by being aware of them is that I get to be complete with them now. I feel fully in my power when I have examined my judgement over my food choices today for example and then laugh at that voice inside my head. I am SO grateful to know I am the awareness of that thought – not the thought. Then my affirmations and rampages take on a deeply joyful quality that really resonates in my root chakra.

It is one thing to look in the mirror and playfully say “I love myself” as a practice – very powerful stuff.
It is another thing to look in the mirror into your own eyes and stare in silence for a bit knowing that you love yourself and that your very essence is love…welcome home. Another layer of power.

The power of awareness!

What is it that I am not yet aware of that in the awareness of it I would have exponential power, freedom and self expression?