Ah yes the power of relaxing is monumental for me. And ironically it has taken me a few decades on this earth to come to the knowing that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that relaxing is actually an intentional practice for me. I do not feel the same energy and power of rejuvenation from watching movies or playing games as I do from group meditation sessions, massages,  yoga classes, personal growth events, and having conscious conversation with open hearts and minds people. What are your rejuvenating activities? What do you consciously go into knowing that you will be super energized afterwards?

I am so blessed that tonight was spent a chilly minus 4 celsius, light snow, me outside at a Nordik Spa with a friend going from hot tub to steam room to sauna and back for more of each for a couple of hours.


Nature. Heat. House Music. Amazing company. And now me sleeping with the angels tonight!

Sweet dreams – may they be all about how you will find your power of conscious rejuvenation this weekend!!