Come out of the circle of time,

and into the circle of love.



Out of the circle of time…as though when one is BEing in the circle of love, time does not exist, or matter, or have meaning.

There is great power in love.  This I will explore more in the perspectives on power.  For today I can say that my love for myself and my love for others took me to many beautiful discoveries today that were very EMPOWERING.


I wonder if BEing in this circle of time also has a sense of power?  Does that come from the ego?  Is it a short lived sense of power, like when you pour gasoline on a fire?  Or is it a longer felt power, like when you wake up the day after the day after (yes I meant to write it twice!) a workout and you’re still sore and you still feel all powerful being so aware of all those muscles healing!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this one….