Ever tried paddling against the current or waves? It is tough work isn’t it?

Ever paddled really hard and then coasted on the momentum you had built up for a bit?

Ever lay on a raft and not paddled at all but let yourself be a Pooh stick and mosey on downstream whenever the stream was gonna get you there?

3 different types of momentum. 3 different types of power being exerted and as an outcome/result. All 3 very valuable in life in various situations.

Today’s thought is to just go with it! If you don’t have to paddle against the stream don’t. Heck if you don’t have to paddle and you can just float today – go ahead and enjoy. Notice the energy you have, the energy life calls forth from you, and the power you have in managing that energy amd expending it when you choose.

Your choice.
Go with it!

Powerful high five,
Pamela šŸ™‚