dictionary.com describes power in many ways – the first one is:  the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.

I like this definition the most, as I feel it applies to all of us.  This ability is accessible and available to all of us, every day, every moment, in every breathe that we take.  One of my favourite morning questions is “What would I love to create today?”  Or “Who am I BEing today?” (That one is on my bathroom mirror right now!)  I love how these questions open up the field of all possibilities and my heart and mind and body search for fun ideas to pick from.  I truly am a CREATOR.  I am CREATING my day.  I am CREATING my reality.  I love this feeling of power.

What is often missing when we choose to create a reality that goes beyond this moment, this hour or even this day or week, is that we have to continually choose to create the outcome and we have to choose to create the steps along the way, and all without knowing what, or how those happen most of the time.  Focus on your reason why you want to do something.  Focus on how good it feels, or the feeling you associate with the having of this outcome.  And the key?  To get up and choose that focus every single day until one day you realize that outcome is already a part of your reality.  I’ll give you an example.  I love scents!  I thrive on the scents in my surroundings and regularly burn incense and candles, pay close attention to how food smells, how everything smells around me.  I often spray perfume on even before bedtime!  Scents are such a mood enhancer for me, I cannot imagine a universe without scents.  Along this vein, I have had a ‘dream’ for years that I want to have my own ‘Empowerment’ perfume.  I’ve had it on my inspiration map, I’ve been studying scents and pinpointing what I am most attracted to and for what reason, and in the last year I have been making my own body oils and body creams.  It wasn’t until I had received more than a few compliments on my ‘perfume’ that I realized it was my body oil that people were noticing!  I am already a perfumier!  Whoa!  Ok, so there’s no ads for ‘Empowerment’ in magazines yet, and so far it’s just me wearing it, but still!  So I asked myself – how does one go about BEing a perfumier?!  I suppose in reality, they tried hundreds if not thousands of different mixes until they found ‘the one’.  So….

Perfumier Empowerment!

I got me some essential oils, because I know my perfume will not contain alcohol – yes it will expire faster, but my intent is for it to be used liberally and enjoyed greatly, and I will package it in appropriate sizes to be enjoyed well within its time of goodness.  And of course I poured myself a martini, put on some favourite music and experimented with various oils and amounts.  I figure there will be many nights of these kinds of experiments, and many girlfriends who will be asked to use trials and share feedback, and I feel POWERFUL in the knowing that I am BEing a perfumier.  That I am taking steps and creating my perfume.  That the power to create is well within my ability to choose, and that I can choose all the steps along the way to working with the world’s most renowned perfumiers and designers to craft a bottle and tune in to a global distribution system that will see millions of men and women waking up and falling asleep feeling empowered because the intent behind my scent will be just that!

Who are you BEing today?

What are you choosing to create?

How can you take action in an empowering way?

How can you choose in a way that has you feeling inspired to take action?

I would be delighted if you would share your ideas, creations, & empowered actions here with me!