I feel as though this journey is already producing SO much fruit to share.  Ideas for what to share on ‘power’ today have been fast and furious and coming from all sorts of sources.  However, the one that had my body saying ‘yes’ (which for me is a weighted feeling in my solar plexis/sacral chakras) was quoted at the end of a 90 minute hot flow yoga class that was taught by a divine creature who truly opened a space of us to create our own practice and our own sense of flow tonight.  After much opening, sweating, breathing, and then relaxing with our legs up the wall, she shared with us this Zen Proverb:



What I loved about it was that she shared it in the context of a yogini dealing with body image issues as she learned to let go of those issues and nourish her body with food, or be dragged into illness if she continued with her eating disorders.  In the same vein, a very wise girlfriend last week listened to me complain about a situation that was bothering me and she said, it’s great that you can forgive Pamela, but look at what this upset and situation is costing you.  Take a look at the price you are paying and ask yourself if it’s worth it, if not, then address the issue and move on.  In Zen terms – let go or be dragged.  The rush of relief I felt after my girlfriend gave me this advice was undeniable!  I instantly knew it was the next natural step.  I felt empowered to take that step.  And I easily carried through on it, because the price was not one I wanted to pay, and the outcome was not one I intended to recreate.

Sometimes in this crazy world of measuring ourselves against images of ideal and perfection (that are often computer generated and not really real at all) we get caught up in trying to maintain ‘it all’ in what can be an overwhelming and over-stimulating world at times.  I am on a journey to let go and there is great power in doing so, if I do say so myself.  Let go of the need to ‘look’ a certain way, or ‘talk’ a certain way, or ‘be’ a certain way.  Have fun!  Experiment.  You can’t get it wrong.  If it serves you, incorporate it into your lifestyle.  If it doesn’t, let it go.  Not for fear of being dragged, but out of the love and joy of letting go, and the freedom and power that are available to you when you realize the opportunity to recreate yourself is there for you in each and every single breathe you take.

Come on this journey with me!  I’m obtaining outfits and accessories I’ve always wanted to be wearing but never knew where I would wear them to.  I’m letting go of outfits and accessories I’ve accumulated over the years that no longer ‘speak to me’ to wear.  I’m going to new and different types of events and gatherings – stretching my boundaries and meeting new people and learning SO much about myself through interacting with others.  I caught myself telling a new friend that I was ‘not much of a decorator’ and then realized how incredibly silly that was and the very next weekend as I was de-cluttering and going through old boxes in the basement, I came across some great pieces to decorate with, and I finished a few projects that I had had in mind for ages, and the result was amazing energy being brought together in my home – all the pieces were already here waiting to be brought together!  Cooperative components are waiting to assemble to bring you your highest and best good as well – it’s just a matter of you becoming a cooperative component yourself!

Declare what you are letting go of!

Declare what you are creating!

Feel the power in declaring!