Before the arson police start banging on my door, let me define what I mean by the title “Firestarter!” – One who is tapped in, tuned in and turned on by their own fire within and naturally in turn sparks the flame of others to burn brightly as well.  I love that about fire!  It grows and spreads, just as a person who is ‘on fire’ naturally grows and spreads inspiration to others in their vicinity.

And what that ‘fire’ is can be very unique to each and everyone of us, but we all know what it is for us without a doubt.  As we enter into the third full week of 2014, and most of us have either a) slipped off the new year’s resolution band wagon or b) never got on it in the first place, I challenge you to instead start building your fire kit.

What pumps you up?  What gets you really excited?  What do you admire most in others?  How do you define hero?  Or success?  Or awesomeness?  Look for it in pictures and events and moments or music, and collect it all into a vision board, a youtube playlist, a video, a magic box, a journal, an evernote, a pinterest board – whatever floats your boat – and look at it daily.  Let this be your point of focus for the next 30 days.  Just getting jazzed about your life!  Yes – YOUR LIFE!

You will be amazed by the synchronicities and how the universe conspires to bring you more excitement about what you are already excited about!  And one day, you will wake up and realize, you my friend, are a Firestarter!

The world needs people who have come alive!