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The Hour of Power – Starting Your Day Your Way


How do you start your day?!  Does it give you the results your heart seeks?!

Are you willing to give yourself an amazing morning routine that holds the potential to take your life to the next level of your dreams?!  Are you imagining the best you can already imagine?!  Are you dreaming of a life that holds more abundance, more creativity or more of anything?  Or less of anything?

There are lots of distractions in today’s world and yet there is a quiet magic in the wee morning hours before these distractions kick in….maybe the article or mp3 links below will lead you to discover that magic.  If you do, please link back here and share so that we can all build momentum together!




What Successful People Do Their First Hour of Their Work Day


Tony Robbins Hour of Power

1 thought on “The Hour of Power – Starting Your Day Your Way”

  1. Great article, Pamela. It links to many of the influences and practices I’ve compiled here:

    At home, my email doesn’t get looked at until the evening. First waking hour is about getting ready, tending to family (two legs and four) and a little caffeine. No devices, no digital interruptions until work begins.

    Since my email is not the nightmare it is for most people, the first thing I look at is my calendar (for the day/week) and then my email to address what has come into my Inbox since I left. Then I’ll know what is on my plate for the rest of the day/week and to what degree of priority. I often spend the first hour at work reading the insights of professionals in my network and I always find some serendipitous gem that feeds into something later on. Cheers!