Wow – so I had the inspiration yesterday to do a video message/blog for the first time and of course a bunch of fears popped up in the form of excuses as to why that wasn’t a good idea, and even though it took me 24 hours to actually do it, I even hesitated about posting it once it was done!  How silly are we sometimes?!  We all have to start somewhere and while the lighting isn’t great and I read a lot of my message, the message itself still stands and I hope you find some inspiration, motivation or EMPOWERMENT to consciously create today as well.

Consciously creating our life, one day at a time:

I mentioned David Myles – Simple Pleasures – here’s a link in case you are interested in listening:


I would be so honoured if you would let me know what ideas you came up with and how your creations turned out!  We are all on this journey together and I share because I also need to learn, and I value hearing from others’ experience as well.