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Conscious Creation


Wow – so I had the inspiration yesterday to do a video message/blog for the first time and of course a bunch of fears popped up in the form of excuses as to why that wasn’t a good idea, and even though it took me 24 hours to actually do it, I even hesitated about posting it once it was done!  How silly are we sometimes?!  We all have to start somewhere and while the lighting isn’t great and I read a lot of my message, the message itself still stands and I hope you find some inspiration, motivation or EMPOWERMENT to consciously create today as well.

Consciously creating our life, one day at a time:

I mentioned David Myles – Simple Pleasures – here’s a link in case you are interested in listening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LDt4vAJ3Rg


I would be so honoured if you would let me know what ideas you came up with and how your creations turned out!  We are all on this journey together and I share because I also need to learn, and I value hearing from others’ experience as well.



Author: Pamela

I am many things to many people, but ultimately, I am.

3 thoughts on “Conscious Creation

  1. What an inspiring video!!! I will start my day tomorrow by asking myself. Thank you for posting this way, how sweet it is and how joyful it is for me to hear your voice blogging your wisdom and helping me always become a better person!!



  2. This is quite inspiring Pamela! I really am thinking about what I can create today. First time on your blog and am checking out other postings!

    • Thank you Brenda for your kind words! I would be honoured if you share your creation. It is so inspiring to me to share and hear from others! Have an awesome day!

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