It’s spring!  The birds are singing, the sun shines longer and longer each day, the grass is green and growing, and slowly but surely the trees will grow leaves and flowers will start to bloom starting with our dear tulips!  What a perfect time to consider our relationship to the world, to each other and to ourselves.  What are we putting out vibrationally speaking and how are we perceiving that which we’re receiving in return?  I recently came across Sean Stephenson’s Living at Cause series online which I thought were truly amazing, but I have to tell you that these videos on relationships really spoke to my core.   Imagine being able to put a name to that which you search for within yourself and within others?!  Imagine knowing with clarity what your yearning or upset has been about in the past so that you can now come to really make peace with it?  At the very least, Sean is hilarious as a speaker and you are sure to laugh in these videos.  Enjoy….

May magic find you today,

Pamela 🙂