OMG – as always I came rather late to the technology game….

A friend recommended StumbleUpon this past week and I began exploring it this weekend and cannot recommend it enough!!!!

While I do spend a lot of time mulling spiritual concepts and challenging my perception of reality, life is not always about meditating, getting in touch with our feelings, or opening our heart to a greater love.  Sometimes it’s about discovery, finding a new passion, taking on a Saturday project, or learning about the magically creative adventures others are on and taking on a journey of your own by doing.

I laughed, I cried, I was inspired, and I only ‘stumbled upon’ 15 or so websites that I never would have discovered otherwise.

Prepare to be surprised, prepare to be delighted, prepare to be disgusted too, until you click a thumbs down and then they stop stumbling onto that kind of stuff!

It’s a hoot, and if you’ve got 15 minutes to play, or you’re looking for inspiration, StumbleUpon newfound delights today!

Happy Stumbling,

Pame la