Love is a choice we make

Moment by moment

It is not something we fall into

Or fall out of

It is a decision

An intent

To claim our own power

Step into our Light

And recognize our birthright

That we are loveable

We are loved

And we are loving beings

Love is everywhere

Everything is love

Every action comes from love

No one is misbehaving

Life is all in how you perceive it

So choose love

In this moment

Connect with who you are

Who you always were

And who you always will be

People and things will come and go

Love is the only constant

Your sail in high winds

Your blanket on cold nights

Your sustenance when all hope seems gone

Choose love

Love yourself as only you can

From that abundant Source

Love others as only you can

Shine your Light of Love

See the Light of Love in others

Make that choice

Claim the power of Love now

It is there for you


And so it is.


Light and Love,