Cynthia Kersey has really amazed me with her explanation of the Law of Giving!  And I can attest that the more you give, the more you receive!  While giving can include things like letting the car trying to merge on a busy highway in front of you in even though it may slow you down, it can also include giving up some luxuries you might enjoy in order to donate some cash to causes that feel right to you!  And helping children in Africa enjoy some of the basics in life that we take for granted here in North America has always been a passion of mine….

So I just had to share this opportunity with you to make your giving to a worthy and proven cause, and get an amazing teleseminar package that may just propel your personal life into the next level!!!

Please feel free to share with others….Namaste,


I should mention that this is a US charity, so not sure if it will work out to be a tax deduction for you if you’re not a US citizen….