Day 2 is a 15 min morning practice!  So gentle, with amazing focus on the breath – wow what a stellar way to wake up!  Definitely a great video to use again and again if you’re new to yoga, as there is nothing intimidating about these postures, and yet, even for the experienced yogi there is always room to find more stillness in the pose and more movement of the breathe up and down the spine.  Have a beautiful day!  🙂  p.s.  The trick is to let the full videos stream to your computer before pressing play, so now I’m lining up the next day right after I finish today’s – which is great that I started a week late!  🙂


Day 1 – So I finally managed to carve out some time, desire, and action to start the at home yoga challenge.  Day 1 didn’t get off to a great start I had to admit!  The video was WAY TOO SLOW to download here with my slow internet or slow computer – not sure which.  Maybe it was on the website’s end – who knows?  Either way I just got my heartrate up at about the 9min45sec mark and then it froze completely!  So I listened to a couple of the meditations and did some yin poses I really like from class and finished off with some pranayama – alternate nostril breathing.  I remember now what a great balancer that breathing is and how it really helps to balance you and calm your nerves.  It’s the second meditation link on day 1 if you’re interested in following instructions.  Tried savasana, but of course there is a tv blaring in my house and since sound travels everywhere here, I only battled trying to relax against that backdrop for a short period of time.  Oh well, there’s always next time and now that I remember how good it feels to slow down and stretch and go within, I will certainly attempt Day 2 tomorrow.  Next time I’ll start the video when I get home from work immediately and let it all load up over a 45 min period or so before attempting to play it!




Sure I know, I posted about Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge and barely managed to download all the meditations let alone perform them 21 days straight, but just knowing that I have them there for me on my ipod and available whenever I am ready to sit down and listen to them is motivating and empowering to some degree.  It’s a step in the right direction anyways.  Which is why I also signed up for Yoga Journal’s 21 Day Yoga Challenge – designed to help me get into having a home practice.  While I must admit I am addicted to the beautiful feeling that comes after a 90 minute class in the hot room, I have always known in my heart that to take my yoga practice to the next level I would benefit greatly from a home practice and more consistency, because let’s face it, getting to class every week just isn’t happening with my crazy schedule and the longer I wait to get back to my mat, the more difficult it is to do so…

So while the first day of the challenge is January 10th, 2011 and I’ll be getting on an airplane that day, I am still joining, because the products being developed and shared with those who join are simply amazing and very inspiring, and I will attempt to make the most of them, be it January 10th or February 10th….what’s important is that we take the steps in the directions of our dreams and don’t beat ourselves up if our timelines are off….if we don’t at least try, how will we ever know if it is for us?

So while you may be tired of making new year’s resolutions that never seem to stick, or maybe you’ve never done anything for 21 days straight except the basics like eating & sleeping, maybe this is your calling….or maybe something else is calling you and now you know you have what it takes to at least get over the first hurdle – signing up….then the next hurdle – beginning to take action.  I for one know in my heart that I have never regretted taking action on my dreams….

Here’s to your dream, and to taking action!

Light and Love,