Wow what an amazing contest this is!  If you have time to stop by and vote  (once a day until October 31st if you’re super keen) I’m promoting this project specifically (b/c my cousin is somewhat involved) but to be honest with you there seem to be a lot of honourable projects on the go and I think you can still submit your own idea if you have one!

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St. Lawrence College Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) group has taken it upon themselves  to help our local food bank in a big way. “We hope to create a movement” says Spencer Dossett, President of SIFE St.Lawrence College.

SIFE SLC has a track record of helping the Food Bank, just this past year they helped  facilitate the acquisition and installment of a commercial walk in freezer for the Partners in Mission Food Bank in Kingston.

Every year our local Food Bank helps the 6,000 individuals in our community who have  fallen on hard times. Some are single parents. Others are the working poor. Too many are children. The problem is growing, while the need has increased by 26% the number  of donations has decreased by 16%.

When the student group heard about the chance to win a $100,000 grant for the Food Bank through the Pepsi Refresh Project, SIFE St. Lawrence College got to work right  away.

Pepsi put out a call to groups working on behalf of a charitable cause to submit short videos explaining their goals for the grant money. The cause which garners the most  votes over the two month voting period (which start September 1st) will be given the money, enabling them to take their ideas and put them into motion.
The SIFE team has a very comprehensive plan for the funds which will address both the present needs of the Food Bank and its needs into the future. This includes creating a  steady stream of income by investing in a 10KW solar panel system and participating in the Provincial FITT ( Feed-In Tariff) program. As well as purchasing a 5 ton truck to  replace the van which is currently in use. The truck will help to increase the Food Bank’s efficiency and allow them to handle a consistently higher volume of donations then at  present.

Wondering how you can help or get more information? Visit the initiatives website at