I’m not sure what it is about August, perhaps the Back to School fever hitting the flyers, the stores and everyone around me.  It seems like a great time to sign up for new and exciting hobbies and fresh starts!

So when I came across this blog today I just had to share, because here is one woman who is making Massive Change.

While I’m certain I currently lack the committment to make that much change at once in my life, I’m well aware that even taking on one of those challenges would dramatically alter one’s vibration to a level sufficient to experience growth and new awareness….

I especially love her line about ‘it’s not about doing what you really want to do, it’s about becoming aware of what you really want to do’…..so many of us, myself included, keep trying these new things or having these new ideas that often are shaped by our limiting beliefs and while I’ve had dreams of running a children’s leadership camp, a yoga spiritual center retreat, and other such ventures, it always boils down to $ for me and I get stuck even writing the business plan, let alone taking action on any of these marvelous ideas……

Then I beat myself up for living the daily grind, despite my fire within burning strong and encouraging me to step out of the box and dream bigger than I’ve ever thought possible….which of course does not do anyone any good!

Today I’m all about rocking myself in a cradle of security, love and personal forgiveness – am giving myself a one day challenge to monitor my thoughts and screen for anytime I’m being hard on myself and trying to fill the thoughts after with that of love, forgiveness and acceptance. 

I’ve chosen this journey for a reason and it’s about time I start marvelling at the astounding ways in the which the universe has delivered me to this point thus far in life….