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21 Day Meditation Challenge


Join me on the 21 day meditation challenge being held by the Chopra Center and share your thoughts here online.  I’m a few days late in joining, but will attempt to start Day 1 today.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a regular yoga class and I miss the meditation and grounding that provides, so I thought why not try a new vehicle for attempting to inspire myself to a home practice that I can take with me wherever I go?!

Here’s hoping you feel inspired too!



Author: Pamela

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3 thoughts on “21 Day Meditation Challenge

  1. Count me in as DAY 1 for me as well!



  2. Day 1 didn’t go so hot for me – never managed to get the mp3 onto my ipod! Did however take a few minutes before bed to meditate…and listened to TWO MasterWorks Healing teleseminars on the drive in to work today (yes it took two hours to get to work with the accident on the 417!)….
    Hopefully Day 2 I actually listen to the Chopra Center meditation mp3.
    How was your Day 1?

  3. Day 1: Wasn’t all that great for me either, I started to listen to the meditation and then the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I will try again this evening 🙂

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