I listened to Master Genpo Roshi this week….although it was a teleseminar recorded in October 2009 through MasterWorks Healing…..it came to me at just the right time (as these things usually do!)….

Consider for a moment how much emphasis is put on meditation, clearing your mind, eliminating the ‘inner-roomate’ who constantly chatters and nags and worries inside your head.  The voice busy strategizing and guiding your actions and choices day in and day out….imagine how it feels to be called ‘monkey mind’ or ‘restless mind’ or any slew of derogatory names suggesting that the activity it generates is somehow negative and needs to be repressed and quelled……..

The thinking mind that has been dis-owned….


You know, it’s funny because I didn’t realize that I never finished this post, and today I stumbled upon it as a draft and of course, I’ve learned so much and discovered so many things since March 2010 when I first started writing this!

Right now I’m reading The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Ester and Jerry Hicks and the whole concept of upstream versus downstream is SO SIMPLE and yet SO POWERFUL I cannot begin to describe the shifts that are available to us all, RIGHT NOW, in this beautiful gift of a moment….

In general, Abraham suggests that life is a stream continually flowing downstream towards all of our greatest universal desires of health, wholeness, peace and joy and that we are on a raft in this stream of life continually experiencing this flow.  However, we have thoughts and feelings/emotions that are not in harmony with wherever we’re at in the stream right now (I want to lose weight, I want more $, I want a better job, etc. etc. etc.) and it’s like trying to paddle upstream away from our current situation instead of recognizing that our current position in the stream is PERFECTION as we’re heading downstream in this beautiful path towards LOVE.  So where we’re at right now is where we are supposed to be in order to learn the lessons and experience the growth possible to recognize the next moment heading downstream.  We just have to hold the vibration of the flow of letting ourselves be guided downstream and the absolute knowing without a doubt that the stream is heading in a direction of pure benevolence and abundance – as is already our true-self awaiting to be recognized.

I may have described it more complicated than it is….when you read the book it’s explained really well and makes so much sense and if it doesn’t provide you some sense of relief from whatever may be ailing your thoughts right here and now, I’d be surprised…..

Maybe the concept of ‘the monkey-mind’ is an ‘upstream thought’ whereby we aren’t happy with the thoughts our mind presents us with and so we give it a label and chastise it for being negative, instead of recognizing the simple powerful gift in NOTICING THOSE THOUGHTS, whether they be negative or not, as they are indicators of our emotions and whether or not we are vibrationally paddling upstream, or floating downstream.

I like a good workout, but floating downstream sounds amazing to me…

Light and love,