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I cannot say enough good things about the MasterWorks Healing community that I have been a part of for a year now.  It is an amazing buffet of health and healing gurus teleseminars and other neat learning vehicles that truly has something for everyone.

Next week they are offering FREE video seminar sessions for online viewing to everyone, and if you sign up to the MasterWorks Healing Membership Site you can download the audio and listen to it on your ipod forever!  (My favourite way of listening to all the wonderful products put out by Jennifer McLean – the creative genius behind all this!)

Don’t miss the dynamic duo of Jennifer and Alison Armstrong from – it will open your eyes and your heart to how you are participating in all relationships in your life and give you tools to understand where things may be getting off track and how you can play a role in steering them back on track!

Plus, these two are sure to be full of laughs, so it’s an ab workout too!