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What a week this has been in my life!  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed to say the least!  I’ve taken a trip down memory lane and interacted with childhood friends and teachers. I’ve caught up with current friends that I haven’t seen in a while but who graciously remind me of how beautiful life is no matter how often we connect physically.

And I’ve been on my own without my partner in crime to take care of the house and all the chores all by myself!  Which of course, is not one of my favourite things.  🙂  I’m also preparing for some very exciting next steps in life and living in a crazy limbo land of unlimited possibilities – some daunting, and some cooler and wilder than I’ve dreamed before! 

And it was a full moon this week and I don’t know if any of you noticed, but not exactly a hot week for clear communications, clarity in decision-making, and restful moments of peace in your heart.  More like riding a roller coaster on a full stomach of poutine and milkshakes all week….

But I was listening to Collette Baron Reid on my drive in to work today and she briefly mentioned in this particular teleseminar her concept of a God Box and I just had to look it up and share it with you all, b/c if I’m going through a lot of overwhelm, then I know others are too, for what lies in me lies also in you and vice versa….

Imagine creating a box that represents a higher power and then simply writing down whatever is troubling you or blocking you and letting go and letting God handle it…..breathe deeply and feel into your heart and soul what it would be like to hand these burdens over to someone who wraps you in their warm embrace and says to you – do not worry my child, for I will carry you and there is no need to bring your thoughts/worries/fears along for everything is as it should be and you can be one with it all in peace….



May you find the 4 year old within and get creative making your own God Box and letting go and letting God!  I know I plan to this August!



p.s.  Search for Collette Baron Reid on YouTube  too – fantastic stuff there!