A friend forwarded me an article from the AMA the other day and it was titled “The Emotional Side of Change” by Robert H. Rosen.  I’m not in the mood to ask his permission to reprint his article here, so I looked him up on the net and discovered he’s written an entire book about “Just Enough Anxiety” and you can read a chapter for free from his website:


Leadership and change seem to be huge themes running in my professional and personal life lately and this has truly got me to thinking….

I don’t know about you, but when I run into something that gives me butterflies in my stomach the thoughts running through my head at the time seem to run faster and strike more emotional chords, usually signalling to me that there is something ‘big’ happening here and if I can slow down enough to run with the thoughts instead of allowing them to run me, I discover some huge gifts!  And sometimes that helps me to make a decision and act on it that causes even more anxiety but I know in the end it will be AMAZING!

I’ve often read that your biggest fear in life is usually your biggest gift and some of the best public speakers were once TERRIFIED to even speak up at dinner parties, let alone to a crowd of thousands…..so I’ve sometimes operated on the motto if it scares you, you’re probably on the right track!  🙂

This author’s take on ‘just enough anxiety’ is an interesting point of view and I highly recommend reading it and then challenging your own view of fear and anxiety….

Here’s to just enough of everything!   🙂