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I was blessed to meet a friend this year who knew how to push me and support me into following more than one of my dream ideas.   She even offered to be a ‘test student’ in a vision board workshop I wanted to give so that I could get some practice doing it.  And I kept my commitment to her and she to me and we did it!  I was so energized by the whole experience I couldn’t even sleep that night – but in a good way – you know when you have that bubbly feeling like you could almost fly?  I didn’t mind not being able to sleep in the least!

Anyhoo, one of the spiritual guides I’ve been listening to a lot these days is Jennifer McLean from and she often says ‘we teach what we most need to learn’.  I think I’ve been avoiding learning and therefore avoiding teaching!  LOL!  So while my friend and I were working on her vision board I was sharing with her how our thoughts hold great power to illuminate our beliefs and it is our beliefs that drive our actions and choices throughout the day.  As I was flipping through magazines at an incredible rate looking for one word in particular, I came across a big ad for something or other and in bold capital letters was the word L U X U RY.  The first thought that went through my head was how ‘wrong’ that would be to put on a vision board as it seemed opulent and that I should not wish for extreme wealth or material possessions when there are so many in dire straits in this world.  I was lucky to have caught myself and cut the word out anyways, knowing that it held a lesson for me and to dig deeper.

I put the cut-out word on a table and did not return to it.  But it came to me two days later.  I was chatting with a co-worker about how to solve a minor dilemma I was in – I had left my parking pass in my car at work and was therefore locked out of the garage to get back to my car to drive home at night.  He jokingly said to me ‘well I don’t know anyone who has the luxury to drive to work like you do!’ and smiled and said he would ask around to see if anyone parks in the same garage.  If you can believe it, it didn’t dawn on me until 24 hours later how profound that statement was!  And I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

I have the luxury to drive to work when I want to.  I have a vehicle.  I have a job to go to.  I already have luxury in my life!  Now I know that perception is reality and you can choose to perceive things anyway you want.  And I’ve listened to countless teleseminars that tell me that what I want is already here, but do you think I put any of that into practice when I first saw the word luxury in the magazine and cut it out?  No, for me, in that moment Iconsidered it to be something that I did not already have but could happily spend time feeling as I did have it.  Since I didn’t consider driving my car to work to be a luxury, and took it for granted how lucky I am to be able to do so, I had lost touch with my gratitude for all that is.  Thank you dear coworker for chiding me.  Thank you dear friend for doing the vision board workshop with me and teaching me in return!

Words are powerful indeed, but what is luxury in the end?  To some it is having a car to drive.  To some it is having a safe place to lay their head at night.  To some it is homes around the world and a private jet to take them there.  Everything is relative and I now realize that I had lost touch with relativity for a bit there.  That’s ok.  The universe sent me several amazing spirits this week to remind me of my light and gently lift me up to shine brightly and share it.   I am so blessed.

May you sleep in the lap of luxury tonight and may you count your blessings and be overwhelmed by the abundance that surrounds you as well.

Light and love,