Spring is finally here in full force.  We’ve got cloudy and rainy days, yes, but everything is green again and the lilacs are out!  A sure sign mother nature’s arms are open and ready to embrace summer too….ah a most promising time of year….

For Canadians, surviving the long, cold, dark winter is a triumph worth celebrating on a patio the first sign of spring.  I know I slowed down this winter.  More indoor activities, long sleeps, early to bed and later to rise type days and lots of creamy hot homemade soups! 

This spring I discovered Cell Food

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and you should not act on my advice alone, but if it feels right for you to look into and seek your doctor’s advice, then by all means pursue it! 

It’s actually a series of sychronicities that brought me to owning a bottle of Cell Food and testing it out with some water one day in early May, but within 6 hours I noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my mood, energy level and mental capacity.  For all of you who work in an office setting, I’m sure you’re very familiar with the 3pm ‘wall’ that one hits and ponders yet another hit of caffeine to make it through the day.  I didn’t hit the ‘wall’ on day 1 and haven’t hit it since!  In fact, even my need for a second morning coffee waned.  So did my emotional appetite – you know the one – ‘I’m bored.  What’s to eat?  I don’t feel like working yet, maybe I’ll go get something.  Boy oh boy someone in the office is eating something that smells good.  Maybe I’ll go get me some!’

In fact, I’ve almost had to re-train myself to learn what my new tired is! 

I had no idea how my energy level was affecting my life, my choices, my thoughts, my actions, my perception and my reality!  It’s amazing what having the energy to take on your dreams will do for boosting those dreams!

I’m not saying that this Cell Food stuff is for everyone.  But it’s worth asking yourself, what is your Cell Food?  What rejuvenates you and helps you make the choices you want to make and take the actions you want to take?  What renews your spirit and energy and inspires you to go forward confidently in the direction of your dreams?  What actions can you take today that will help you sleep better, feel more alert, and be more excited about your life?  What’s holding you back from taking these actions or pursuing these life-giving activities?  Are you sitting in the backseat of the car of life, or are you driving with the wind in your hair and the radio blaring?

Whatever your choices and actions are today, I hope they inspire you to new levels of personal connection to the Divine.