I do not train dogs, nor do I command a large company of thousands, but I have observed life and leadership and these are my thoughts….

The best way to walk a dog on a leash (lead) is to walk with them at your side. That’s how trainers do it. If you’ve seen the dog whisperer then you’ll recognize that he starts with an out-of-control dog that is all over the place and by the end of the show the happiest dogs seem to be the ones that are walking or running right alongside their master who is holding the leash.

Leadership in daily life is a lot like that don’t you think? It’s not about walking in front of people to show them the way. It’s not about telling them which way to go and then sending them out to travel it alone. It’s about walking beside them and experiencing the terrain together. Inspired leaders don’t need to hold on tight to the leash, holding you back in your enthusiasm or energy. Inspired leaders recognize which pace to set, and when things are getting off track and stop, they know when to do a 360 to ‘restart’ and continue down the path again with a fresh view.

May today bring our higher ‘leader’ skills to light, so that we ask of others what we’re willing to do ourselves, so that we walk alongside our peers, our employees, our managers and know that we are all one on this journey. And if a 360 is called for, dance it out, laugh it out, breathe it out and start down the path again….

Most importantly, in my humble opinion, be your own leader – all parts of you, side by side, in synchronicity and harmonious congruence and may whatever crosses your life’s path be an amazing story unfolding before your eyes, and may you feel grounded in all that you do, see, hear and feel.

Light and Love.