I am so excited and filled with anticipation over this new (to me) tele-seminar series that I had to write a post about it to highlight this amazing opportunity for others as well. 

Healing with the Masters is 24 (free) teleseminars that you can join in on with some well-known masters leading the calls. 

One thing I know for sure is that there is nothing like sharing space and time with a community of high vibrational people to really get my creative juices flowing and after another Canadian winter, which isn’t finished yet, the promise these teleseminars provide truly feels like spring is coming early for my soul!  🙂

What gets your juices going and fills you with anticipation and delight?  How are you integrating that into your life today?  Do you know of any high vibrational people in your life?  Are you aware of your own vibrations? 

May the light within guide you on your way in this moment and in all moments.