I have to admit that I tried to end my relationship with the question ‘why’ years ago when I realized that they usually came from a victim mentality when I asked them of myself:  “Why haven’t I achieved my goals?”  “Why don’t I write more often?”  “Why is it so hard to lose weight?”  And I also realized that they had a negative almost offensive effect on others when I asked them anything that started with a “Why”.  Immediately I would get defensive responses and the situation would not go in a positive direction at all.  I know I’ve even chatted with friends about the question “why” and advised of my success in conversations when I eliminated it from my vocabulary.

Then the other night a fabulous mentor shed a whole new light on the potential use of the question why and it has opened my eyes and my energy in unbelievable ways!  Want to know what I learned?  Maybe you already know you lucky dog you!  🙂

The question why has a response within all of us.  An automatic response that we don’t consciously choose at all.  Think about it for a moment.  Ask yourself a few why questions.  Easy ones.  Why is the sky blue?  Why do drivers slow down when they see a police car?  Why do telemarketers call during dinner hours?

What happened?  Did you have answers?  Did you have a response at least?  Most people do.  Most people feel compelled to answer a why question.  And usually with more than ‘because’.  Think of the occupations based on answering why questions – scientists, engineers, even management consultants.  Our brains are hard-wired to automatically search for an answer to a ‘why’ question.

So how about putting that automatic search function to work for you?!  That’s what a mentor shared with me lately!  Why is it so easy for me to wake up feeling rested and alive?  Why is it so easy for me to double my income now?  Why is wealth flowing from multiple streams in unbelievable abundance in my life now?  Why am I such a loving and giving partner?  Why is it so easy for me to feel the love and respect of my partner?

Breathe deep, smile when you ask them, and really feel as though these are real, in your life, right now.  Wow…..

Then let the automatic search function go to work for you.  The answer is not for you to form.  That is the role the Universe plays.  Just as when you ask yourself why you have such a hard time losing weight, you continue to have a hard time losing weight, for years, decades, and maybe a lifetime.  Since that wasn’t working for you, then there is nothing to lose but asking yourself “Why is it so easy for my body to be the right weight for me now?” a few dozen times a day for a few months now do you?

Let the Universe form the response to your new, heartfelt questions.  Have fun dreaming them up!  “Why is it so easy for me to take vacations on a whim now?”  “Why is it so easy for me to connect with my customers and help them with their projects now?”  “Why am I such a good leader now?”  “Why is life one smile to the next now?”  “Why is it so easy for me to see the Light in others now?”  “Why is it so easy for me to get along with my neighbours now?”

As with everything, the possibilities are endless!  The more you ask, the more the Universe has to answer, and believe me, the Universe is just waiting to answer and loves to over-deliver all the time!

So ‘why’ and I have started a new and beautiful relationship now.  I find it so easy to silently ask myself why questions consistently throughout the day.  And in fact, if I start to feel down about anything, it usually triggers me into some form of ho’oponopono – thanking myself for the awareness that I was immersed in a less than serving thought pattern and then forgiving myself and all that is, and then rhyming off a bunch of really fun and wild ‘why’ questions to get a smile on my face again!

Try it yourself and let me know how it works…

Here is the guy who discovered this method and wrote about it in The Great Little Book of Afformations doing a short video on youtube.  His website is here.

Why is it so easy for me to know that everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more is real in my life right now?!

Blessings of light and love to you all,