Let’s start with the concept that we are the Creator of all things in our lives.  That each feeling, emotion, encounter, and thought is something that we have created with our Divine Purpose in mind.  More and more lately I have struggled with powerful feelings of ‘not enough’.  I know I share this lot with many people, and that inspires me to listen to it and learn from it all that much more!  Resistance to what is creates so much unrest in our lives.  When we don’t ‘like’ feeling down, or not getting what we wanted from a situation.  That resistance is energy, our energy, and it is speaking to us with great power.  The same place where all your power comes from.  Because without judgement, power is energy and energy can feel good or feel bad, but it’s all still our energy.  Ask yourself today, the next time you feel resistance to anything in the moment, what that resistance is trying to tell you.  How can you graduate from that situation with love and joy?  How is this connected to your Divine Purpose?  Stop and listen in the moment to whatever your heart is trying to tell you and if nothing appears, be thankful for that as well.  Being ok, no matter what shows up in your life is truly the key to peace.  Sooner or later when you practice speaking with yourself about your feelings of resistance you will notice how strong your inner voice is and how much it has to tell you.  Always be patient with yourself and ask gentle questions as an observer and be grateful for whatever answer comes.  Always practice gratitude in the moment.  Because this moment is your life!

Another large source of resistance comes from past memories, or future anxieties.  I often ask myself when I’m feeling hurt by any particular situation if I remember feeling that feeling before, and when, and how does that feeling serve me now, and how I can infuse the situation where I feel hurt with love and joy.  It’s not easy, because our patterns are very strong.  Most of our core beliefs come from memories that were created before the age of 7, so if you’ve been unconsciously practicing a pattern for more than 30 years, of course one movie or one book isn’t suddenly going to remove that pattern from your life entirely.  (Or maybe that’s my judgement, and maybe it will!)  The joy truly is in the journey.  Of recognizing those patterns, being grateful for the awareness of them.  Learning from them and then consciously choosing new patterns with fresh intent.  But moving forward with goals and intent and visualization can be severely hampered if we bring the past into it all with us.  I often see people getting very excited about re-claiming their personal power, but I also feel the hurt and anger and disappointment in themselves for ever having let it go.  And they are determined that no one will take that power away from them again.  No one took it in the first place, we gave it away.  And carrying that hurt and anger into our future where we set a new intent that no one will have the ability to do it again, sends a message out to the universe that we want to keep experiencing the hurt and the anger and sure enough we will encounter situations where we feel that someone has taken something away from us again.  I see this time and again as a pattern in my life.  Do you see it in yours?  So how do we free ourselves from such a situation?  Consider for a moment where your personal power comes from?  Who are you really?  Without the job title, the relationships, or any material aspect of your life, who are you?  Really sit and ponder that for a moment.  Perhaps write a few ‘I am’ statements and see what hits the paper first….then gently take a look at them without judgement – are any of those statements of the material world?  Are any of them adjectives?  Keep revising and brainstorming until you are comfortable and confident that the statement of who you are is something that will never change, something that is constant, and something that is not of this material world.  Then meditate on how it feels to be connected to that Divine Spirit that is you.

Connect to that sense of who you truly are on a regular basis.  Touching your heart center, the top of your head, or deep breathing will usually trigger it for a lot of people.  Then when you experience resistance in your life to any situation, talk with that resistance and talk to it from that constant and very powerful source of who you truly are – which never changes and is always available to you and something that no one can alter in any way shape or form.  Perhaps the resistance, or the bad experience, is another opportunity to dialogue with who you truly are.  And to remind you that your Source has not depleted in any way, but that you have reconnected to it as a result of this experience.  Would that bring you peace and joy in a situation?  If so, then you know you are on the right path my friend.

We are all on a path….learning….growing….loving….feeling….observing….creating….but who we truly are is the constant throughout it all, and the joy in discovering that bit by bit, piece by piece, present moment to present moment, is the art of life!  I’m very excited to see that Eckhart Tolle has a new book out and that some people who participated in ‘The Secret’ have expanded upon their understanding and sharing of the Law of Attraction and developed another movie titled ‘The Opus’ coming in March 2008.  We are all expanding upon our awareness of how to navigate and there are many great tools to guide us along the way, but none so powerful as your own inner voice.

More and more I realize the value in the quiet moments of just listening….

May you listen and hear the wisdom of your heart today!